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Build Your Own SLASLS

A forum dedicated to helping you build your own SLA/SLS-based 3d printer

DIY DLP printer + FEP foil / Utrecht

Heres the place to post pics / video and discussions regarding hardware youve built or are in the process of building.

PostbyEdgEMon Jan 27, 2014 4:31 pm

I didnt want to just copy/paste, I designed the setup a little different:

Top-Down & Bottom-Up in one design & having a smaller footprint, using 2 mirrors:

After about 300 hours of building, this results into the next working design:

Click the picture above for my building blog.

Right now Im still in a testing phase.

Its still difficult to print something right…

Im using PDMS, but that will perish also, especially after over-exposure (due to resin left on the vat).

Last edited byEdgEon Mon Oct 27, 2014 5:03 pm, edited 1 time in total.

PostbyPacManFanMon Jan 27, 2014 4:36 pm

Glad to see you joined the forum. You might want to try FEP adhesive backed tape as a vat coating. It works much better than PDMS and wont cloud up.

PostbyEdgEMon Jan 27, 2014 4:58 pm

Unfortunately I was not able to print on these 3 parts at the same time, because the PDMS layer was about 1.5mm higher then the others.

(I wanted to do proper testing, using same conditions on all 3 surfaces.)

Anyway, the main conclusion: all 3 vat-floors sections did work!

* PS w/o coating: was quite sticking, but it works.

(I also used glass once, without coating, but that is a bad idea!)

* PS w Teflon: is less transparent option (see middle part of vat in picture). I also accidentally partly demolished it by a knife, while getting of a wrong build.

* PS w PDMS: seems to be most easy stuff to print on. Although I later also demolished this one with a knife….

* Glass w PDMS: I guess this is a little better then PS. (PS could also scratch very easily..)

Why do you think, FEP adhesive backed tape is the best?

I also did have a look to yourCreationWorkshopsoftware, it really looks amazing!!

Postbyhp_Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:15 pm

I use FEP film 0.05mm thickness and clamp it against the glass, no forming of bubbles under the glass

works really well for me. and i dont have any problems with damaging the VAT when overcurring..

PostbywatsonstudiosTue Jan 28, 2014 12:39 am

Ive ordered this stuff before and it worked pretty well. I did ruin it when part of a print detached and kept exposing the resin in one spot stuck to the film so I had to scrap the film. I may try it again. I did make a vat that is 3 pieces so you can clamp any type of film above the polycarbonate bottom.

Its a bit expensive at the .005 size. I did not try the adhesive backed yet.

Postbyhp_Tue Jan 28, 2014 2:35 am

but for europe i have now also found a german supplier haveing more reasonable price and shipping.

ive also found a supplier in china willing to send me some stuff but i have still test it..

PostbywatsonstudiosTue Jan 28, 2014 3:12 am

McMaster has the same .002 sheet at only $7.66 per foot.

PostbyEdgEWed Jan 29, 2014 5:06 am

FEP/Teflon Non-Stick Reservoir Coating

PostbyEdgEThu Mar 20, 2014 4:14 pm

like we are all looking for the best vat materials to work with, I try to make a list here:

Please help making a longer list of: options & suppliers!

Send a mail or reply onto this forum.

Postbyhp_Fri Mar 21, 2014 1:09 pm

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3D Printing Projects

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Valentines day is approaching fast. If you are still looking for a last-minute, yet creative gift, dont despair! We might just have the solution for you: a 3D printable Valentines gift in the form of a heart-shaped bookmark.

What can you do with a 3D printer today? There is a whole lot of misinformation out there: technology-oblivious and badly informed people will readily try to convince you that you can print anything with a 3D printer. While that argument is easily disproven, the category of 3D printing opponents (i.e. those that cannot or do not want to recognize the usefulness of this technology) seems more difficult to convince. They argue that especially FDM printing (i.e. the most commonly encountered type of 3D printing) only serves to make trinkets or toys and that it is hardly ever used to produce something truly useful or artistic.

Today we have the pleasure to bring you yet another great guest contribution: this time, Jim Rodda shows you how to create your own 3D printed jewelry. Learn how Jim uses heat deformation to shape a 3D print that was printed flat into a ring that fits snugly onto your finger. All the 3D model files used in this tutorial have been thrown in for free! Read on, go grab the 3D model files and print your own, unique ring.

About a year ago, I published atutorialon how to create 3D printed cookie cutters with seasonal motifs. While that tutorial proved very popular it had one shortcoming in the sense that it required you to have the Rhino software package in case you wanted to follow the step-by-step instructions. Hence why I decided to create new instructions but this time using free, open-source software 3D modeling software. Follow along and create your own unique and customized cookie cutters.

We have recently been contacted by Shusuke Osanai, a computer graphics designer from Tokyo, Japan. Shusuke recently produced a stunning piece of art that is 3D printed, though that is not obvious at first sight. This certainly got him our attention as we were keen to find out more about how he had created this sculpture that was also showcased at the Tokyo Designers Week 2014.

Just in time for Halloween, we wanted to publish a 3D printing tutorial on how to make scary glow-in-the-dark ghosts fridge magnets. This tutorial is super easy to follow and is aimed at total beginners to 3D printing. Of course, more experienced users are welcome to try it out too. This detailed tutorial includes the following steps: (1) sourcing your ghost files, (2) preparing your prints in the slicing software, (3) preparing your printer (tips&tricks), (4) printing your ghosts and (5) adding the magnets.

The June 3D Print of the Month is different than those of the previous months: I had the chance to borrow aForm1 3D printerfrom a friend and I have been putting it through its paces over the last few weeks. Naturally, I also used the Form1 to print the 3D print of June, a Yoda shaped vase.

We have recently been contacted by Jonatan Domnech Arboleda, a student from the School of Industrial and Aeronautic Engineering of Terrassa (part of the Universitat Politcnica de Catalunya, Spain). Jonatan has just completed a remarkable project, a 100% 3D printed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) also known as theBarcelona UAV.

Its end of May, spring is here, trees have leaves and flowers are blooming. It is a beautiful time of the year and nature provides plenty of inspiration, also for the 3D print of May 2014: a 3D printed flower bouquet. This striking and unique 3D print really is a refreshing change compared to the more technical or functional objects that are typically featured in our 3D print of month series.

Another month gone by, time for the next 3D printing project. The 3D print of April 2014 is an interesting and practical two piece print: a nutcracker. What makes this print more challenging is that the two pieces need to fit together by the means of a thread which obviously requires a fair amount of precision in order to work properly.

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13 Tools to Help You Become a 3D Printing Pro

How to Solve the Most Common 3D Printing Problems

What Material Should I Use For 3D Printing?

How to make DIY Filament for your 3D Printer

11 Experts Share Their Top 3D Printing Beginner Tips

XYZprinting Nobel 10 SLA 3d Printer

The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable).Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag.See details for additional description.

• Returns accepted – 14 days money back

XYZprinting takes user safety seriously, which is why the Nobel has been designed in compliance with FDA regulations. XYZprinting ensures that there are no defects or overpowered lasers that may cause harm to users or their surroundings.

item 1 NEW XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 3D Printer, Clear/Grey XYZ Printing 1 UV LASER –

NEW XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 3D Printer, Clear/Grey XYZ Printing 1 UV LASER

item 2 NEW XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 3D Printer, Clear/Grey XYZ Printing 1 UV LASER –

NEW XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 3D Printer, Clear/Grey XYZ Printing 1 UV LASER

item 3 NEW XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 3D Printer, Clear/Grey XYZ Printing 1 UV LASER –

NEW XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 3D Printer, Clear/Grey XYZ Printing 1 UV LASER

item 4 NEW XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 3D Printer, Clear/Grey XYZ Printing 1 UV LASER –

NEW XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 3D Printer, Clear/Grey XYZ Printing 1 UV LASER

Adjustable Layer Thickness, Enclosed Build Plate

Verified purchase:YesCondition:Pre-owned

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ANYCUBIC Upgrade I3 Mega 3d Printer Kit All-metal Frame Ultrabase TFT PLA DIY

3d Printer Dualnozzle Touch Screen Double Extruder DIY Printing Area WiFi Model

2018 Hot Flyingbear P905x DIY 3d Printer Full Metal Large Printing Size

Specials SINDOH 3dwox Dp200 3d Printer

Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer – 3D2001

Anet A6 3d Printer RepRap I3 High Precision Acrylic Frame DIY 16g SD Card

Hypercube Evolution Aluminum Extrusions (3030 and 2020 Made in Japan )

Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

FlyingbearP905 all metal Print Large size Auto leveling DIY 3d Printer

XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 AiO All-in-One 3D Printer (Scan/Edit/Print), NEW

Creality 3D CR-10 DIY 3D Printer Kit 300*300*400mm Printing Size 1.75mm 0.4mm No

Upgrade Creality 3D Printer Parts Filament Sensor Kit + Motor Wires For CR-10

3D Printer Large Diy Printing Area Aluminium Frame Touch Screen Double Extruder

New Arrival Auto Leveling Position Sensor for Anet A8 Prusa i3 3D Printer RepRap

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Hackaday Prize Entry DIY LCD based SLA 3D Printer

Resin-based SLA 3D printers are seen more and more nowadays but remain relatively uncommon. ThisLow Cost, Open Source, LCD based SLA 3D Printerdesign by [Dylan Reynolds] is a concept that aims to make DIY SLA 3D printing more accessible. The idea is to use hardware and manufacturing methods that are more readily available to hobbyists to create a reliable and consistent DIY platform.

[Dylan]s goal isnt really to compete with any of the hobbyist or prosumer options on the market; its more a test bed for himself and others, to show that a low-cost design that takes full advantage of modern hardware like the Raspberry Pi can be made. The result would be a hackable platform to let people more easily develop, experiment, or simply tamper with whatever part or parts they wish.

TheHackadayPrize2017is Sponsored by:

Posted in3d Printer hacksThe Hackaday Prize

Tagged2017 Hackaday Prize3d printerConceptdiylcdresinresin 3d printerslauv

Improving Mister Screamer; an 80 Decibel Filament Alarm

Robotic Arms Controlled By Your.. Feet?

Hackaday Prize Entry: DIY LCD based SLA 3D Printer

I was under the impression that LCD panels are normally destroyed by UV light and that they have UV filters. Unless perhaps Im missing something

They will let through like 1% UV, so if you blast enough through them and treat them as a consumable

It looks like using 400nm or above such as 410nm UV leds would be one way around it

Since theres no separate UV filter, instead its the polarisers that cause the problem

That being said itd be interesting to see how long the LCDs last

Use an LCD from a popular $30, its a consumable.

HaD prize build something that matters: Trash, Benchoff, trash

Not read the rules of the HaD prize, but playing devils advocate nonetheless;

Id view Brians approach as acceptable during prototyping phase if it looks viable to go to production, youd likely consider a custom part without the polarizers, and UV, as mentioned by garlicbeardy a few posts up.

But also, as much as I dont condone it, no matter how many screens are used by even the largest realistic user base for this printer, such a number would fall below the observable limits when compared to the number of screens coming from actual phones.

There appears to be the idea of using inkjet technology as well.

Hmm good project bit should have chosen an epson as thier print heads are driven by piezo elements and would much better for fluids such as uv polymers.

I wonder if there are any two-part resins that cold be loaded into two different color cartridges and combined on the substrate by activating both jets for that dot location or by making two passes,one in part A and one in part B. Acrylic usually has a powder and a liquid component, does anyone know of a plastic resin with two liquid components?

Nice project. But there is one huge drawback in SLA technology. Galvanometer driven UV Laser curing is also low cost solution. Even factory build Wanhao SLA printer is not very expencive too (sligthly higher price than FDM). But the price of UV curing resin usable for SLA printing make all this efforts to build low cost SLA printer completely doomed. And its not even like 2D inkjet printers, where manufacturer makes money on cartriges with cheap ink inside. Here the ink itself is too expencive.

So youre saying he hasnt actually built this yet?

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The Precision Upon Which Civilizations Are Built

Shah Selbe: Science in the Worlds Wildest Places

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John Croudy has updated components for the project titled Rubidium Atomic Clock.

pdrift86 liked SDA – The best new PDA.

Robert Mateja wrote a comment on cyborg ring.

Artem Kashkanov has added a new project titled Three-phase Power Quality Analyzer.

John Croudy has updated the project titled Rubidium Atomic Clock.

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s in Gurgaon

3D Printer Machine Manufacturer in India. Experience Love for 3D Printing Technology with Sculptor 3D Printers.

Manufacturing Sculptor 3D Printer Machine in Gurgaon, India

up back in 2014. Indium has been following 3D Printing Industry very long in India since 2007. We have grown up to become one of the leading

3D Printer manufacturers and 3d Printing service providers in India.


Indium SCULPTOR is a professional company engaged in Design, Development and Manufacturing of 3D Printers in Gurgaon, India. With advanced manufacturing facilities at Gurgaon, we can provide our customers with best technology and advanced 3D Printer Machines. Sculptors aim is to provide one stop solution for cost effective 3d Printer Machines and cheap 3D printing solutions and timely service to our customers in various Academic and Professional Institutions and Industries.

Welcome to world Class Manufacturers of 3D Printers in India.

has evolved as an economical solution for people looking to construct 3D practical designs by themselves. With a 3D printer, you can literally generate any 3D Prototype from 3D Concept you can draw, and we make sure that our own approach of 3d Printer Manufacturing is just as innovative and cutting-edge!

We are here to make anything you want

3D Printing Lab Atal Tinkering Labs Schools InstitutesLearn More

is on its aggressive form to Revolutionize Concept 3D Formulations from Conceptual Imagination to Reality from Initial Conceptual Process Stage to 3D Forming and 3D Manufacturing by process of Additive Manufacturing (AM) making Three Dimensional Solid Objects from a digital file..

Since starting the Business of Manufacturing Sculptor 3D Printers in Gurgaon-India, up back in 2015, we have been following 3D Printing Industry very closely since 2007, have grown to become one of the leading 3D Printer manufacturers in India.

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SLA 3D Printer ideas

We are a local 3D reseller in Turkey and looking to import industrial type ones working with SLA method or alike, but as it is known to you the machines sold in western market have skyhigh prices at the mom therefore China would be a good option , does anyone know companies whom we can contact for SLA or SLS 3D printers in China or Hong Kong ?

Not many fit into that catagory of being industrial, there are only a few big companys that use those technologies in an industrial manor.

We currently have the worlds largest print platform for FFF technology and is industrial quality if that helps..

Daily Necessities

we can already see a lot of using 3D printing technology to produce a variety of interesting gadgets, and some has been extended to household small articles, no longer limited to the traditional ABS plastic material as a single, these ideas for people to bring joy and happiness at the same time, let the life become more taste!

3D printing and living elements combined to print DIY interesting home works. Assembly is also very simple, just the various components can be connected together, and even do not need to use glue, screws, etc..

AddressNO.67 the second industrial zone houting community shajing baoan district shenzhen guangdong china Tel Fax+86-

SLA 3D Printing on the Cheap

There have been a number of resin-powered desktop 3D printers released recently, but one in particular is low cost and appears to be of good quality.

The Wanhao Duplicator 7 is the first resin-powered 3D printer from a company that has a long history in producing filament-powered units. In fact, Wanhaos sales have been very high in recent years, partly due to their deal with Monoprice to build rebranded units for the low-cost online retailer.

Those filament machines have had a reasonably good reputation in the 3D print community, which counts for a lot: reliable machines are hard to come by. It remains to be seen if the new Duplicator 7 has the same reliability, but its quite possible it does.

The Duplicator 7 uses a DLP projector and UV lamp to simultaneously illuminate an entire layer at a time when printing, so its print speeds should be reasonable. The build area is said to be 120 x 70 x 200mm, a bit smaller than youd expect to find on a filament machine, but in line with many resin machines, particularly the more expensive units. There are, however, several machine choices with larger build volumes.

The machine will print layers as small as 0.035mm, but good quality prints can even be obtained faster with coarser layering.

Theres nothing particularly special about this machine aside from its cost, which is USD$499-699. I believe the USD$499 is an introductory price that might not last long. Thats ridiculously cheap for a resin 3D printer. Even better, Wanhao is an established company so you will have less concerns on whether they can deliver this product, unlike many recent Kickstarter campaigns.

There is even evidence of the Duplicator 7 being even cheaper: a now out of stock AliExpresslists the machine for only USD$399!

The Wanhao Duplicator was offered at USD$399 for a time, apparently

One very curious thing is that Wanda doesnt seem to have an entry for the Duplicator 7 on their Wanhao USA site. There are some images, however, on theirnon-USA site.

Instead the company seems to be marketing their product through aFacebook page. Evidently you must email them to actually order this machine, which seems quite awkward. I suspect they are trying to do a cold launch where they can restrict the number of units to ensure they have all the bugs figured out.

One item I cannot find information on is how long the resin tanks last on this machine. It does not have a method of quick release, like Carbon or others, so the tank must be considered a consumable item. More than likely it will cost USD$50 or more.

A number of people have obtained the Duplicator 7 and have posted videos of their experiences, which seem to be up and down, like this one from Model3D, where he has problems, but also success:

Several people have posted images of prints, all of which look pretty good, like this sample icon from Evan Morgan:

A very good quality 3D print from the Wanhao Duplicator 7

Of course, the price of the resin machine isnt your only expense. You must supply the machine with liquid photopolymer resin, which can be quite expensive, depending on where you get it. For the high-end commercial machines resin can cost upwards of USD$200 per liter, as compared to USD$30 for a kilo of ABS plastic filament. Even Formlabs charges USD$149 for a liter of their resins.

There are a couple of inexpensive sources for generic 3D printer photopolymer resin, such asMakerJuice LabsorMonocure3D, which sell resin for around USD$70-80 per liter.

So it is entirely possible to do high resolution resin 3D printing without breaking the bank.

Kerry Stevenson, aka General Fabb has been writing Fabbaloo posts since he launched the venture in 2007, with an intention to promote and grow the incredible technology of 3D printing across the world. So far, it seems to be working!

Fabbaloo is a daily online publication focusing on the 3D print and additive manufacturing industries. We provide deeper analysis of developments in current and future technologies as well as corporate matters. If theres something happening in 3D technologies, especially FDM, SLA, SLS and Stereolithography, well have an opinion about it.

What are the best SLA 3D printers? – Quora

SLA can be a tricky technology to use, especially reliably over time. However, if youre looking for an entry level machine which can produce the very fine details SLA is known for and your part requirements arent too large, the best desktop machine Ive seen so far is from form labs[1]. Their Form2 machine produces high quality parts that are comparable to the StrataSys Polyjet technology[2].

If youre going for a bigger machine, then there are going to be a number of trade-offs in terms of cost, size, performance, ease of use, etc — so it is difficult to say one machine isbetterthan another abstractly.

[1]Desktop Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printing

Related QuestionsMore Answers Below

What is the best and most affordable 3D printer?

What is the best 3D printer resolution?

Do 3D printers also help us with 3D designs?

, 7+ years in the 3D printing industry

Well, it is as hard as answering the question, what is the best petrol car? It all depends for what price, and for what you want to use it for.

So the best answer for you is first to narrow down the possibilities by using an onlineSLA 3D printer comparison engine.

How long does it take to program a 3D printer for each technology (SLA, DLP, FDM)?

Whats the best 3D printer under $500?

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What 3D printer is best for my business?

How do I search for the best 3D printer?

Which is the best 3D printer under $700?

Why are SLA 3D printers and the resin for it so expensive?

Still have a question? Ask your own!

What is the best and most affordable 3D printer?

What is the best 3D printer resolution?

Do 3D printers also help us with 3D designs?

How long does it take to program a 3D printer for each technology (SLA, DLP, FDM)?

Whats the best 3D printer under $500?

Which are the best websites for making a 3D printer?

What is the best type of 3D printer for you?

Which is the best professional 3D Printer for jewellery prototyping?

20 Cool ResinSLA Models to Make on your SLA 3D Printer

Lucky owner of an SLA 3D printer? Then youll be needing a list of cool resin/SLA models to 3D print. Here are some fun projects to get you started.

Dont miss:20 Best Resin (SLA/DLP) 3D Printers 2017 / 2018

Sure, the vast majority of desktop 3D printers are of the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) variety. Thatsaboutbuilding an object layer by layer withmolten thermoplastic filament. But while the technology is cheap and accessible, and can deliver great results, some folks are craving MORE.

And by MORE, we mean theyre gazing wistfully at an SLA 3D printer.

Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers are technically superior to FFF 3D printers chiefly because of their high resolution. By curing light-sensitive resins with a laser, SLA machines can produce accurate and detailed objects that are second to none. Thats why theyre so highly prized in the jewellry and dentistry industries, for example.

But when it comes to the fabrication process, SLA 3D printers have their own set of requirements. Because the object is being formed in a resin tank, particular care has to be taken that any uncured liquid resin is not left trapped inside the object. For this reason, many objects are fabricated at an angle on the build platform.

Now that SLA machines are becoming more affordable, easy to use, and reliable and youre more likely to have bought one weve compiled a list of cool things for SLA 3D printing.

Did we miss your favorite design? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

The first thing youre going to want to print (and admire) is 3DBenchy, the jolly 3D printer torture test. This open source design from Creative Tools is ade factostandard for assessing the quality settings of a 3D printer, whether its an FFF or an SLA 3D printer. We made one here in the ALL3DP office when testing a Form 2, and the detail and resolution is simply gobsmacking to behold.

The second thing youre going to want to print (and admire) is the Hollow Draudi from BCN3D Technologies. This is another workout object for an SLA 3D printer, with an empty geometry thats perfect for fabrication on resin 3D printers. Of course, you can also create one on an FFF 3D printer if you so choose, but there are other more capable designs in the BCN3D Draudi family for flexing those muscles.

One more useful model for calibrating your SLA 3D printer; the handy dandy dyMAXion full build volume test. Its been specially designed by Formlabs to take up the entire build volume of their flagship Form 2, which is 145 145 175 mm large. But they also promise that it can be fabricated on other resin based 3D printers, so download and go crazy with it.

Moving on to objects less practical (but fun), this pair of striking designs are printed hollow, with room to insert LED lamps for spooky illumination at your next garden party. After all, what could be more inviting than a writhing squid in a jar? OR a gurning gorilla skull? Nothing this side of H.P. Lovecraft, thats what.

Oh wait, youd like to see some more LED Lamp action? DesignerWalid Azizis happy to oblige. Following on from his squids and skulls above, we get a change of pace with an origami bunny and a human heart. E Once again, these designs can be printed hollow on an SLA 3D printer, with room inside for inserting an LED light to provide atmospheric lighting.

This ornate hinged box is just the thing for tidying away your post-it notes and other desktop knick-knacks. Plus, it has integrated leak-holes for those disastrous moments of coffee spillage. The design is printed in two separate parts, which are then easily snapped together to form a functional item.

This tiny vintage TV set is a homage to thePhilco Predicta, an iconic design from the 1950s. This project is built around a 2 inch LCD display, and printed in clear resin on an SLA 3D printer. An interesting detail is that the front lens was polished clear after being printed, so it really is possible to watch classic B-movies likeForbidden PlanetandThe Thing from Another World.

Theres so much strife and tension in the world, man. Like, if only we could sit in the Lotus position on a organic woolen rug in a Fairtrade certified yurt and light some incense maybe listen to some whale songs everyone would feel so much more relaxed. Step one on the path to enlightenment and SLA 3D printing is this incense pagoda, designed to be printed without supports and hold an incense cone in the center (but take care that your material is strong enough for the heat).

Moving from the spiritual to the material, we have this cute little sparschwein piggy bank. If anything else, it puts to rest the notion that FFF 3D printers have the monopoly on practical money saving measures. And hey, if you follow thisguide for making a scented resin, you can make this piggy bank smell of money If there was a general consensus on what money actually smelled like. Cheddar, perhaps?

Next, we have this elegant wind sculpted vase. Its a simple design, and looks like a perfectly comfortable home for sunflowers. A fun fact about this model is that it was designed by Martin Galese, general counsel at Formlabs. Designing ornamental vases is one way to unwind from the stresses of the day job, we guess!

This is a model of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France thats been optimized for SLA resin flow. The structural detail is incredible, and is surely a great test of your resin 3D printers capabilities. Accessorize with some fresh croissants, Bonne Maman apricot jam, and a block of brie cheese for some extra Gallic charm.

More squids for your resin 3D printer, this time a set of giant sea monsters that can be printed without supports. With so many challenging overhangs, youd have a hell of a time replicating this design on a conventional FFF 3D printer. And we cant be sure, but we suspect theres a niche audience forThe Call of Cthulhudeep in the heart of the SLA 3D printing community

For those folks rocking an iPhone 6 or 6s, this nifty design converts the plug charger into a docking platform, perfect for any household power points that are higher than floor level. It should be easy to modify to accomodate the bigger iPhone 6 Plus, too, but the (slightly) heavier phone may cause more of a strain on the wall socket.

Apparently, the humble Turtle dove represents peace, friendship and love. Thats why this ornament of two birds has a big old heart in the middle (in case you missed it), and it makes a perfect seasonal decoration for the Christmas tree. This print shown in the picture was specifically made on an SLA 3D printer, but it should be easy to make on an FFF machine, too.

Do you know why the caged bird sings?No? Hold it closer to your ears, and then perhaps all will become clear. These dinky bird cages are ultra simple, and can be printed quickly and without supports.

This is a striking design for a candle holder, made from a 3D generative coding app calledStructure Synth. It wouldnt look out of place in Supermans Fortress of Solitude, we reckon. But make sure you put a tall candle in there; save the smell of burning plastic for your FFF 3D printers.

Got yourself an Apple TV? Prop up the slimline remote on this elegant, art-deco inspired stand when not in use. The stand was designed and tested on an SLA 3D printer first and foremost, but its also possible to produce on an FFF machine.

If Robocop ever put in a transfer for the Canadian Mounted Division, he would sit astride something like this Geared Robot Horse. But, you know, blown up to 3000%. And fully motorized. And with mounted lasers for bedazzling perps. In any case, this is a cool design that could be improved upon if the parts were articulated. Your move, creep.

What, you thought we were done with lamps? Nosirree! The thing that makes this particular project so cool is that it combines both FFF and SLA 3D printing into one sweeeeeet project. Whilst the base is modelled  from conventional thermoplastic, the shade is made with resin on an SLA 3D printer, with a set of magical tendrils that create a striking effect when illuminated. Very cool.

These mini Form 2 models have another purpose other than looking cute. Created at theFormlabs 2016 Hackathon, they actually show a printers status. The electronics inside use the Form 2 Dashboard API to get the current status of a printer and display it with LEDs. The light changes color depending on whether the printer is idle, currently printing, or finished printing. The design even features a mini speaker that plays a victory song when a print is complete. These are just the models for the STL files, but stay tuned for the full instructions for the electronic components.

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