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Fabulous Pony Maker

A simple yet powerful My Little Pony maker, which lets you make g4 ponies (Friendship is Magic). You can choose from four bodies, lots of colors, and theres a wonderful selection of facial features, hairstyles and accessories. The Equestria backgrounds are very beautiful, and everything is quite easy to use. There is an awesome assortment of horns for unicorns, and wings for pegasuses. I tried making Rainbow Dash for the icon first, but there wasnt a rainbow hair option. Then I tried making Princess Celestia, but I ran into the same multi-colored hair issue, hehe. So this is supposed to be Princess Luna, although I was disappointed that there wasnt long, flowy hair! How am I supposed to make Princess ponies? XD But there are loads of other awesome customization options which make this game totally awesome. I see some options from the Mane Six in there, but I dont know if all their hairstyles are there. If you feel like getting dizzy, theres a Randomizer button to make craaazy pony characters. Have fun!

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3D Network Diagram – Create 3D Network Diagram rapidly with examples and templates

3D Network Diagram – Create 3D Network Diagram rapidly with examples and templates.

Edraw Max is a vector-based network diagramming software. Now it has the tools to make it easy to create a 3D Network Diagram.

As you can see, 3D features enhance the look of any image. But it is the combination of 3D network elements that can create a stunning network diagram. By using 3D network symbols instead of 2D – the results are amazing.

Edraw Max is a vector-based network diagramming software. Now it has the tools to make it easy to create a 3D Network Diagram. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want. Simply drag the 3D perspective shapes then connect them with the built-in oblique connectors. It is also very useful for viewing and printing your network information in many different styles. You can set the network information to shape by using the customize properties and hyperlink.

Free Download Network Diagram Software and View All Templates

Works on Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista and Citrix

an all-in-one diagram makers which can make over 200 kinds of diagrams

easy to use with drag and drop interface, premade symbols and automatic formatting tools

accompanied by a plethora of well-designed templates and examples

designed with broad file format compatibility

Using the 3D Network Diagram templates in Edraw, you can quickly and easily create a perfect 3D network diagram. These built-in templates include 3d perspective server, routers, switches, OC, modem, clouds, etc. All symbols are vector and can be changed in color, line and shadow.

The following 3D Network Diagram examples are created by Edraw and included in the software.

Draw Network Diagram Based on Templates

Edraw Max is perfect not only for professional-looking flowcharts, organizational charts, mind maps, but also network diagrams, floor plans, workflows, fashion designs, UML diagrams, electrical diagrams, science illustration, charts and graphs… and that is just the beginning!

VFX for FilmMakers

VFX for FilmMakers Substance Designer In Depth STS 102

MP4 1920×1080 13h 45m ENG Project Files 9.97 GB

Blender Market Seamless Texture Bundle by Eisklotz

Learn Squared Hard Surface Modeling with Kirill Chepizhko

FXPHD RTO 202 Tools of Roto and Paint

Unreal Engine Marketplace Asset Bundle 1 Jan 2018

Childrens furniture set Sophie by Ebanisteria Bacci

Pluralsight Building Character FX Rigs in Houdini

Welcome šŸ™‚ You can write me to PM for re-upload.

Pluralsight Building Character FX Rigs in Houdini

Thank you very much. And because i dont want to spam in the other links, thank you for every one you re uploaded.

Pluralsight Introduction to C++ in Unreal Engine

Pluralsight Game Creature Sculpting Fundamentals

Pony Maker

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Animal Jam is the best online multiplayer game for kids who love animals! Become your favourite animal and discover the world of Animal Jam. Play games, collect gems to buy costumes and dens, disco…

My little pony maker! Now you can make your own pony! A cute little pony or a tough cool pony! And remember; friendship is magic!

Do you find kitties cute? Create this kitten as you wish, add stripes, spots, or dots, even color it is as you like!

Can you give your pony a treatment? Shes really sick and needs a doctor!

This magical baby pony has been playing in the field with her friends all day, and now shes completely filthy. She could really use a bath so that she can go to bed clean and do it all over again…

Design your own fabulous My Little Pony from head to toe, then dress her up! Choose from a dazzling array of colors, cutie marks, accessories and backgrounds. You can even name your pony or create random ponies!

Use your mouse to click on the floating clothing, color and style options to the right of the pony and color her skin, mane, eyes, mouth, accessories, clothing, wings, horns and more!

Give this lovely pony a nice spa and dress her up after! She enjoys getting bathed and being clean!

Hey Girls, are you also a fan of the cute little ponies? Arent they simply the most adorable creatures? If you would have to name your favorite My Little Pony, who would you name? I know its hard…

Barbie just received a brand new pony from her fairy friends in the Elysium fields! At a small town in the fairy kingdom called Ikeesma, Barbie met her new pony friend. And now the two new friend…

Dress up Strawberrys horse in a variety of cute summer styles. The weathers warm and that gives you plenty of opportunities to show off your ponys fashion sense.

After leaving her last job, were not sure whether or not she was asked to leave, Jaime has started her new job at the horse stable. Shes going to check out just how much she can play with the po…

Turn your pony into a stylish beauty with fun pony games!

Your favorite auntie, Aunt Karen, has invited you to spend the weekend with her on her farm so that you can spend some time with her adorable animals. After a long day of playing with her precious…

Youve been asked to help out on the family ranch, and you cant wait to spend the day grooming your favorite pet pony. After yesterdays rodeo, your lovely pony is covered in filth and could real…

This cute little girl will be happy forever after if she gets a new pony for Christmas this year. Shes always asking for that four-legged means of conveyance, but she doesnt want to get just any…

Taking care of a pony is so much different than taking care of a puppy. But you still need to take care of her the same ways. Give your pony a shower, and then color, brush, and style her mane an…

The lovely little Ponies have a magical friendship.. and so they celebrate Christmas together! Lets get them a lovely outfit!

This pony got herself a little dirty! Shes got mud all over herself! Can you help her clean herself up?

Sarah is staying on the family farm this Summer, and she cant wait to spend her days playing with the precious ponies. Unfortunately, Sarahs grumpy Aunt has a long list of chores for Sarah to do…

Have you ever wanted to take care of your very own pony? Then put your caring skills to the test in this realistic animal caring game for girls. These adorable ponies sure know how to make a mess…

Do you like My little pony?! Create your own human my little pony creator! Create your own Anthro! Be it a cute angel pony, or a badass super hero.. The options are unlimited!

Its time to get out, play, and make a difference! Well, at least to find one or ten. Your four best Doli friends are waiting for you to spot the ten differences that are hidden in every level that…

Help this dirty pony get cleaned up for her very first prom! She will need a shower first, and some special makeup love! Do you think you can do this? Make sure you dress her up pretty for her spec…

Clean up these ponies, and dress them up in some cute ribbons and bracelets. Its easy for these cute little ponies to get dirty when they frolic through the fields around the farm.

This lovely pony could use a nice shower to clean herself up! Once youre done with showering her and making her a clean pony again, you can dress her and her owner up and give them a total make-ov…

Sprinkles is an adorable pony who lives in a pink barn just down the street from your house. Every day, after school, you stop by to visit Sprinkles and feed her some sugar cubes. You do this so …

Your pony need a little makeover and has to be clean for a big event. Bring your pony for a beautiful hair salon and makeover.

Doll up your own little pony in any fantasy color or dreamy design you want! Choose magical manes, chic accessories, and darling markings for a fun one of a kind pony friend!

Its your first day at the pony brigade, and they all need your help to really get all of their work done! Can you somehow manage to groom and prepare all of these horses and ponies for this parad…

Through rainbow skies above the clouds on the power of magic she flies! Become a pony princess and style your steed in colorful and creative new wings, manes and scepters.

This fantastically cute rainbow pony is waiting for you to dress it up and ride away into the rainbow Skies! Pick cute outfits and colorfully fun wings in this fab dressup.

This cute pony needs your help, so take good care of this little buddy! http:/

The pony used to be a pretty one but now it looks quite messy. The pony is badly wounded while it was playing with other ponies. It has bruises, insects, leaves and sticks on its body. It must be m…

Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are throwing a surprise party for Rainbow Dash. The challenge is to help them prepare everything without getting caught by Rainbow Dash and spoiling the surprise. You will…

Create and magical pony wonderland! Design and decorate this fun yard and fill it with as many cute colorful ponies as you can imagine. Insert shrubs and toys, flowers and rainbows for an exciting …

All your favorite friends from My Little Pony are organizing a fun rock concert, so get tickets for a fabulous time with good music. What is more, you can choose how to mix their songs and record t…

Welcome toGirl Games, the largest free game site made just for girl gamers! This is the place to play free Dress Up games in popular categories such asAnimals and Pets GamesBeach GamesCartoons GamesCelebrity GamesFantasy GamesFashion GamesKids GamesPrincess GamesTeen GamesTravel GamesHalloween GamesChristmas Games, and much more!

Youll always find the cool games at Girl Games, we have all the best games from game developers like i-dressup, girlsgogames and cartoon doll emporium so you will never get bored! This month we have some amazing games likeMy little pony Winter FashionAnimal JamandHalloween Talking Angela Dress Up. New games are added every Thursday, so check back for all the latest free games online!

Startup Accelerator Construction

An ecosystem of startups and decision-makers dedicated to construction and real-estate industries where entrepreneurs and corporates disrupt the way we design, construct & maintain the built environment

Innovation has a key role to play in sectors of Construction & Energy and IMPULSE LABS detects the most innovative start-up and connects them with major industrial firms in an attempt to boost the launch of their technology.

Ā« After a precise selection,we offer to start-up office desks, financial supports and a network. Start-up arrive on the market after having saved several months in their developmentĀ»

Join an ecosystem with the most innovative and promising startups

Proximity between startups/well informed investors/ industryĀ and real estate partners

We provide our accelerated startups with hosting services, financial support and a network that saves them months of development time.

Professional and industrial decision-makers in the construction and energy sectors

A direct access and involvement in the startups ecosystem

An active watch on innovation in this sector

Open Innovation: plateform for collaboration and exchange

Notoriety, image andĀ involvement in the ecosystem

Innovation ecosystem connecting startup companies and decisions makers

on key issues from energy and constructions field

Civil drones improving the productivity of earthwork, civil engineering and linear arrays operations.

Collaborative mobile app for construction and real estate professionals. This app is used for site supervision in real time.

Augmented reality applications for professionals.

Process for removing hydrocarbon from soils, sludge and waters that uses a range of reusable hydrophobic and oleophilic polymers.

Monitoring of cabled infrastructures / railway infrastructures to optimize maintenance and discourage cables stealing.

Consulting and engineering company in construction and management of base camps. Sole promoteur of second-hand base camps.

Watch that consists of trade fairs monitoring and targets viewpoint analysis.

Concrete passive buildings with prefabricated outer insulation which guarantees Ā« 0 thermal bridge Ā».

Turnkey solution which provides green, reliable and affordable electricity everywhere and everytime.

Energy production by a submarine drone powered by a kite.

Turnkey solution to monitor, steer and optimise energy flows.

Cold repair methods for off-shore environnements.

Replace traditionnal solutions of concrete wall reservation (cavity for cables or windows)

Industrialization of energetic rehabilitation for collective buildings (digital model and prefabrication).

Terahertz waves camera with an industrial vision dedicated to penetrating imaging.

Energy analysis platform for buildings in operation which identifies the causes of the gap between theoretical energy performance and reality.

Insulation of floors and walls by a Robot going under the floor or in the wall, projecting an isulating foam.

The Wind Trees conceptor: urban wind turbine that produces electricity from small air flows with a combination of many micro-turbines.

Bio-lighting system, without electricity consumption and light pollution emission.

Platform which organizes contests between young and talented architects for private demand.

Creating properties designed for flat sharing, offering living spaces adapted to everyones needs and budget.

Connected thermostat with automatic regulation according to the occupants distance from home.

Solution which facilitates the co-designing of innovative construction systems.

Speaker system allowing to control the direction of the sound beam.

Tertiary real estate advertisements platform (Desks, Warehouse, Commerce, Lands) which takes into account the residential location of occupants.

New interface generation men-machines based on the eyes behaviour.

Web and mobile platform which facilitates the management of equipment for construction sites. The platform serves as a link between renters and monitors rented machines.

3D-online platform offering a complete catalog of furniture and decoration items and allowing to try in 3D ones own virtual place

Energy consumption monitoring system with smart sensors allowing a multi-fluid cartography by zone, device and uses.

Energy optimization and steering solution using algorithms to plan the levels of consumption and production of electricity.

Real estate app that simplifies researchs for private individuals (geolocation, transparency of propertys information).

Architectural lighting construction and integration of giant screens in buildings facades.

Online estimation and qualified professional network that helps private individuals with a better management of their renovation work.

New modular housing concept with high-performance concrete.

Big Data and algorithms which predict the impact of new urban projects on land prices of large metropolitan areas.

Connected glasses for maintenance and remote collaboration.

Outil daide la dcision permettant de simuler les voies possibles de lintroduction de lhydrogne-nergie et den valuer les consquences conomiques et environnementales.

Integration of connected objects to provide a material and software automation solution for switchboards.

Power supply for LED lighting, air conditioning and blinds through an Ethernet network injecting power and information into a single cable.

Connected sensors installed on the houses water intake which measure consumption and transmits the results to a mobile application allowing anyone to manage consumption.

Industrialization of concrete floors for collective residential buildings with casing modules delivered and customized for the site.

HQ construction monitoring system composed by autonom cameras linked with customized interface and algorithm.

Full-height-facade construction system in shuttered concrete to do extern and intern thermal insulation in the same forming operation. This system complies with thermal and acoustic requirement and the verticality of buildings.

Software that allows firm to know if the construction equipments comply with norms and regulation. It also monitors the evolution of the stock and the working condition.

Artificial intelligence that simplifies the information flow and reporting. This machine-learning solution minimizes project management risks and optimizes organization.

Woleet developed a SaaS platform where millions of data are storaged everyday. It uses the power of Bitcoin Blockchain to secure your data.

A trade platform where professionals can exchange materials.

Airthium developed energy storage units thanks to compressed air technology. The product aims solar and wind farm.

Real time positioning system aiming on building sites. It helps to reinforce security of people and equipment thanks to a connected technology.

Water turbine that produces electricity and works thanks to the naturel flow of rivers.

Web platform enabling professional to book building sites machines online.

Web platform allowing operators and managers to create mobile applications and industries digital tools without any technological knowledge.

Delivers the new wood/concrete building system : B2R+.

Web platform making renovation work easier connecting people who need apunctual help with people who have technical expertise.

Works with different kinds of players in their development about bio-materials.

A 3 years expedition in a ship of 82 feet to sail to and fro the African, South American and Asian coasts in an attempt to collect and to transform plastic waste in resources giving them a new life (building brick, insulating material, …).

An innovative company catering services dedicated to building sites.

3D Tree Maker v11007 for Sketchup

3D Tree Maker v1.10.07 for sketchup is compatible with Sketchup Pro 8, sketchup 2013, sketchup 2014 and sketchup 2015.

Apply the following procedures to produce a tree:-

Visit Plugins and then 3DArcStudio, then Tree Maker and finally select New Tree…

Opt for the nature of tree and press Ok.

Right click to have the contextual menu and choose 3DArcStudio tree…-

N.B.: Prior to make a new tree, close the Sketchup Outliner window for having a superior performance.

Download3D Tree Maker Plugin for Sketchup

DISCLAIMER: Sketchup, Autodesk, AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, QTO, 3ds Max, are registered trademarks. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.

SpriteMaker – free tool for creating sprites

SpriteMaker – free tool for creating sprites

SpriteMaker – free tool for creating spritesPublished: 19 Oct 2013

Use the free Sprite Maker tool to create your own sprites. It is really easy to use and you can very quickly create a character with his own unique outfit. You will be creating your own sprites in seconds. When you have finished customising you can export out your sprite and use it in your sprite in a game or app. Download the latest version of SpriteMaker below:

Elemental Infusion

A relic lost in time chieseld out from the most potent tree of the Nightsilver Woods to celebrate the most fearsom genarals of the ancients, the there spirit brothers, The living embodiments of three major forces of nature, Storm, Earth and Fire it is said that this ancient masterpiece releases a very powerful magic that resides in its core clensing out the darkness with its colorful yet destructive powers when it reveals its hidden secrets.

The concept of the mod is to infuse older methods of art into new technology. a blend of grace and power. so to do this i thought of using a big mahogany log as a rough canvass to carve out 3 of my most favorite characters from the Dota 2 universe and to build a mechanical system around it.

The log is carved into 3 pieces with its innards removed to accomadrate the liquid cooled pc in the center.

This two piece frame method is a new concept i came up with which lets the user to either use the central piece which is the actual system with all its components and a custom liquid loop built into a cylindrical barebone shell i designed with the parts of a master case as a standalone unit which you can keep on a desktop, or use the whole setup on all of its glory with the cool outer frame with statues which acts as a buffer aswell as a case to shield the hardware and all its innternals from any missfortune and still have a way to showff the beefy tech inside. with this new method if its built into an even a smaller compact form of a standerd desktop tower, it lets the users easily clean or upgrade the machine without a hassle or just repaint and do all sorts of crazy things.

The full case has 3 modes that we can use to controll the unit to open and close it. Automatic , manual wireless and full manual override mode. The outer case which holds the statues and the carvings is controlled by an arduino with sensors which runs a small script that detects the temprature of the case and if it detects any temprature anomalies it will open up the bay doors(which are the swords) and lift up the case to let some cool air in and automatically close when the temprature is back to normal. the mod also has a remote controller which can manually open up the case from a distance whenever you feel like your case needs some fresh air or just want to show off or admire your build and it also has a manual override switch in case your audrino suffered a catastrophy and you ran out of battery on the remote controller because you kept opening and closing it just because its frigging amazing so i added that feature as a fool proof to save myself from the hassle of just loosing the remote somewhere which i already did! (shoutout to the chinese seller on ebay who sent me a backup remote!)

the lifting mechanism is made with a lineer actuator on a crosslift setup to hold the weight of the rig inside and a simple push pull arm mechanism is used to push the bay doors outwards like a flower.

Every pattern and detail is hand carved with traditional wood carving tools with countless hours of concentration and elbow grease. the script and the lifting mechanism and the door opening system is originally made and fine tuned to make it work as neatly as possible with the resources i had at my disposal.

Cooler : DIY custom liquid Loop (Thermaltake Rgb fittings and RGB processor block) 360mm rad,

CMWS, Mod Gallery, Scratch, Scratch Build

the lifting mechanism is made with a lineer actuator on a crosslift setup to hold the weight of the rig inside and a simple push pull arm mechanism is used to push the bay doors outwards like a flower.

Wow! this is great! Keep it up From Sri lanka

Amazing! wish u all the best

I hope I can mod like this in the future! Thanks for this dude! šŸ˜€

wow.. amazing wish u all the best..!!!

It is a portal that calls to all makers whose PC is their creative medium. This platform offers a new level of interaction and potential partnership between this growing community of VR, Robotics, 3D printing, Modding, and Gaming, etc. and Cooler Master.

We are creating a space that allows others to learn, collaborate and, potentially, develop their business. Our highly successful case mod contest has already exposed many talented people and brought them together. Now were expanding that reach by connecting all Makers. These are passionate people who put time and care into their creations. We want to share their dreams and their products to the world.

NatureMaker Steel Art Trees

Founded in 1983, NatureMaker artificial trees are a bold synthesis of art, design, and engineering. Each tree is one-of-a-kind, and individually handcrafted to conform to architectural, structural, fire, and seismic specifications.

For more thanĀ three decades, the scope, scale, and caliber of NatureMakers commissions has been a force in introducing nature as ambiance for cutting edge interiors. Steel Art Trees can now be seen in some of the worlds most prestigious locations, including the following:

NatureMaker trees well represent the companys love, passion, artistry, and skill. When one of our sculptures goes out into the world, we can only gleam the beauty, pleasure, and enjoyment it will bring to those individuals who come into contact with it. Our greatest sense of accomplishment is when we spark the imagination of a child..or nurture a feeling of wellness and tranquility as part of its experience.

If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Since its inception, NatureMaker has been committed to sustainable practices. Ā Find out more how we can help your project on ourSustainabilitypage.

28 inch city electric bike kit

10 years Professional electric bike manufacturers

Use this 36v 250w 28Ā inch/700c electric bike conversion kit to transform your electric bike and eliminate the need for purchasing a brand-new electric bike. The motorized wheel, electric controller, speed throttle, power breaks, and wire harness are simple to install. No moving chains or gears means more efficiency and less chances for part failure. The motor shuts off automatically when you brake to save you energy.

pletely electric bike conversion kit included:

1.Brushless Front Hub Motor mounted 28 inch or 700c tire rim. the Hub Motor power can reach up toĀ 250W.rear wheel with 160 disc brake

2.Brusless controller, This Controller can be powered by any 36V voltage battery pack with a min. 30A peak discharging drain current.

Ebike conversion kit waterproof quick release kit

Ebike Conversion Kits 36v 250w Quick Release kit

DIY electric bicycle kit 48V 500W ebike hub motor kit

User type:PersonalBusinessDistributor

48V 500W motor fatbike e bike for sale

750W motor fat tire motorized bike 21 speed

26 inch fat tire cruiser bike 1000W motor

60V 1500W electric fat tire bike max speed 40km/h

60V 2000W fat tire electric bicycle max speed 60km/h

20 inch fat tyre electric folding bike

160 disc brake fastest electric bike

20 inch fat tyre electric folding bike

160 disc brake fastest electric bike

36V 250W brushless motor electric fat bike

alloy frame electric mountain bike for sale

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CE lithium battery of shuangye made in China

DIY shuangye CE controller shuangye e-bikes

Electric shuangye bikes certificated by CE

Shuangye motor e-bike with CE certification

Shuangye all electric bicycles test report

Shuangye all electric bicycles test report