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About Matei Stancu

3D Artisan – The synonym of quality

Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction

and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

3D Artisan – The synonym of qualityCustom 3D Models – Freelancingby Matei StancuQuality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent directionand skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

I am a 3d artist with rich experience in creating 3d models of high quality and high realism. My models are usually done using some kind of blueprint like a autocad drawing or a technical drawing, by doing so I ensure that the models are very prototypical.

I will do custom 3d models and visualisations for a competitve price and on a tight schedule. My weapons of choice are 3ds Max, Photoshop, Realwave and V-Ray.

Im a self made artist with more than 9 years of experinece and during this time I have modelled mostly inorganic things from ships, to trains, factories to houses. I started modelling from sheer passion 9 years ago and havent stopped since. Im a perfectionist and I have dedicated countless hours making obejcts as realistic and detailed as possible. I also have a Bachelors Degree in computer science.

A very realistic locomotive made for a short animation based on the Time Transfixed painting by Ren Magritte. The model was created using the technical blueprints of the lifesize locomotive so it is very accurate and detailed. As a modeling technique I used subdivision and I have replicated even the most minute details.

This model is an accurate depiction of a 300000DWT oil tanker. I have created this model from the manufacturers blueprints so it is very accurate and detailed. The model was created using polymodeling to create an efficient mesh that has plenty of detail while retaining a balanced polycount.

The bridge is an accurate depiction of a real one over the Ohio river. I created this visualisation as a lighting study. The water surface was done by using Realwave and the rendering was done with V-Ray.

Model Building Services

Wood Bridges and Decking for Model Trains

Plastic and Wood O Scale Trackside Structures

Latest Kit – an older Pecos River structure – Summer Street Freight Terminal

Suncoast Models Coal Tower with some customization

Shown below are some of the various manufacturers kits I have assembled.

Various styles of water tanks can be added to the buildings. See some sample designs below. In some cases such as the last photo HO scale tanks can be used as roof top tanks.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

In addition to kits I can also take pre-assembled structures and re-paint to make them look more realistic as shown below with an MTH Freight Transfer Warehouse and Public Works Building. I have also kitbashed some buildings per customer specifications such as the Korber buildings shown.

Twin Whistle Sign & Kit Co. Fire Station

It was a great kit to build. The walls were straight (no warpage).

Besides Model Structures custom built product I also offer kit building services. I have experience building kits from a wide range of manufacturers for a local train shop. Some of my work is shown below.

Just let me know what kit you are interested in. The basic fee for procuring the kit and assembling it is:

Fully assemble and paint – 2.5X retail price of kit (includes mortar)

Fully assemble, paint and lighting – 2.5X + $20

Fully assemble, paint, lighting, and weathering – 2.5X + $37

The base price includes complete assembly on a painted hardboard base, mortar and kit supplied decals. Custom decals and signs are $15 extra. Shipping the finished product to your location will be extra (the actual shipping fee is charged – unused fees are always refunded).

Extra details can also be added. Contact us for a specific quote. Shipping the finished product to your location will be extra (the actual shipping fee is charged – unused fees are always refunded).

I have some older and newer Korber kits in stock ready to build.

If you already own the kit simply ship it to me and I will assemble for you. Simply contact us for a quote.

Please beware that in some cases plastic and especially ceramic walls may crack during glue up or be received out of the box cracked or broken (especially ceramic). Every effort will be made to repair such that the crack seam is barely visible on the outside of the wall.

Please note that every effort is made to pack structures to avoid shipping damage. However some parts of a structure are fragile or may have a small glue surface so may break off at the glue joint during shipping. With such pieces the easy fix is to use super glue gel to repair. Please use the gel version only, as the liquid version tends to run and will peel paint. Roof details such as smoke stacks, AC units, water tanks, etc will be shipped separately to avoid damage.

Model Building ServicesView on Mobile

PlastiPrint 3D

PlastiPrint 3D offers high quality 3D print services tailored for the North East of Scotland. Whether you are involved in Oil and Gas, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics or Product Design. Our 3D printing service caters to a multitude of applications from training aids to prototypes to fully-scaled working models. We can provide the custom 3D printed model you need.

Unlike some other 3D print companies, we carry out all of our 3D printing in house. This means that we will never forward on your CAD models to a third party. We know if our 3D printers will be able to 3D print your model because we own, service and operate them ourselves!

PlastiPrint 3D prides itself on the 3D printing service we provide to our customers. Here is some of the feedback we have received from recent customers:

was quick to respond and was able to to provide a next-day service due to tight deadlines. The print quality was brilliant, much better than expected.

PlastiPrint 3D goes extra mile in customer service. Answers any questions quickly which helps a lot. Printing and shipping was very quick. Will use their service again.

Very fast turnaround, excellent quality, kept up to date with all progress. Good experience all round.

The tolerance is amazing! Especially around the switch holes, battery holder and miniUSB hole.

PlastiPrint3D is proud to sponsor PP3D Robotics with their Robot Wars entry PP3D

PlastiPrint3D is proud to sponsor TAU Racing. Aberdeen University Formula Student team.

custom scooter 3d model

Outstanding visual quality and realism,designed according to FSX standards.

See non-reviewed custom scooter 3d model software

Custom Scooter 3d Model in introduction

Quickly create rigorous models of processing equipment.

Integrate your own polygonal mesh and UV layout into FaceGen.

It allows you to build your virtual gear collection one piece at a time.

Allows the user the ability to see, edit, understand, exploit, and share 3D data.

CB Model Pro helps you to create 3D stunning images easily and for free!

Google Style Builder Beta for SketchUp 6 Pro 2.0.481

When you create a custom Style and apply it to your SketchUp model.

Curtiss-Wright AT-32 Condor for FSX or FS2004 2.0

The model has a custom 2D-panel and a working virtual cockpit.

Microsoft Office 2007 Custom UI Editor 2.1.1

The new model is called the custom UI RibbonX and is a new user interface.

Additional titles, containing custom scooter 3d model

Scooter Racer is a silly racing game in which you compete with a scooter.

Fast Road is a scooter racing game from Falco Software.

Presenting all jetliners with 3D Cockpit Model, WingView Model and NoVC Model.

C-130J Expansion Model is a flight simulation aircraft model used for FS2004.

Compresses all files into a single EXE file. Allows custom scripting and custom dialog box inputs to….

EPA Storm Water Management Model is a rainfall-runoff simulation model.

Custom Folder offers customisable options for creating your custom folder name.

Polski (Wielojęzyczny) – Custom – Custom – Custom – Custom – Custom – Custom – Custom – Custom – Custom – Custom – Custom – Custom – Custom

Telugu – Custom – Custom – Custom – Custom – Custom – Custom – Custom – Custom

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)

How to make custom playlists on your iPhone with Apple Music

Get personal customer service with Chrome

Best ways to recover a disabled Facebook account

Time to check your Mac and iPhone battery health

java silent printing from text file

3D Solid Modeling

Our 3D solid modeling service offerings begin with cutting edge 3D CAD design services that are delivered quickly and cost effectively.

Turn your 3D solid modeling design into a prototype or move into production tooling. We help with quoting, estimating, and procurement.

Simulation and analysis is an important feature of our 3D solid modeling services. We simulate design effects on production and performance.

Are you embarking upon the development of a new product of product line? Our company focuses on helping bring you the product design that will place you out in front of the competition. We utilize Solidworks ™software to help produce full 3D solid CAD models, 2D detail drawings, and other design services that will help you reach production success.

Our 3D CAD modeling designer is experienced and knowledgeable in drafting, design, CAD, and design analysis. You will find Larry Tiedemann, company president, to be honest, creative, and enjoyable to work with.

TDG, Inc. is a small and responsive support services business, working with the best CAD equipment available. We work well beyond the normal 8:00 to 5:00 work day, to get you what you need, as quickly as possible.

Fast, Friendly, Capable Solutions for Your Design Problems

Contact TDG, Inc. today to request a quote or arrange a project review meeting.

TDG, Inc has been a longtime partner of ours. Larry Tiedemann has the experience and tenacity to complete tough projects in a timely fashion and with quality results.

Eric WollanBusiness Development Manager at PlastiComp, Inc

Copyright 2018 TDG, Inc. 3D Solid Modeling Services. All Right Reserved.

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Playful Pixels – 3D Model Design and 3D Printing Service

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Playful Pixels – 3D Model Design and 3D Printing Service

Custom bowling ball grip 3D scanned, modeled and printed

In competitive bowling correct grip fit is vital. The finger holes need to fit your fingers to a fraction of a millimeter in order to reach optimal performance.

We started the creation of an exact 3D model for the customer from a fitting made by an American companyTurbogrip(pictures of the original):

The fitting in its place (the final printout):

The customer says the original system is excellent but its downside is the difficult manual adjustment. A bowler usually has several different kinds of balls and he will need to manually fine down and adjust the standard part to fit his needs in different situations with different balls. It is very difficult to create two fittings that are exactly the same using this method. The customer turned to us to 3D scan his best fitting so he wouldnt need to do the manual honing anymore.

We tried the scanning but it turned out that the interior of the part was too small and the details did not reflect back to the scanner sensors correctly. The image below shows how one slice is scanned accurately only about 3 cm into the tube:

Were not in the habit of giving up so we changed tactics and decided to take exact measurements of the part and create a 3D model of it. This turned out perfect and now we can create perfectly fitting Turbogrips with different measurements for the customer (and also for other bowling fans). The customer was especially pleased because his fingers tend to swell in hot weather and now we can make adjustments to the model in the summer.

We modeled the tube profile on three different planes: the outer measurement is about 5 mm inside the tube, the next is at about 3 cm and the last at the tip of the finger. After this the tube was shaped to correspond to the measured profile points and it ended up fitting really well:

The profile is fitted to the customers hand with 0.05 mm precision:

The profile of the part is very accurate and contains plenty of details:

The end result fits well into the locking mechanism in the ball thanks to the accurate measurements:

The edge is rounded to fit the finger perfectly in the specific position where the part locks into the ball:

If youre interested in ordering an exact fitting for your ball, please place an order for a free cost estimate including exact measurements of your finger (width in 4 places and exact finger lenght):

You should budget 95 + VAT for the project because we will first create a draft version that can be tested and improved. After this you can order as many copies of the final model as you wish at 28 + VAT a piece.


Our shop is Open in weekends and holidays!

Low-price for a huge base of 3d models!

Your office is the face of your business…

The project and 3d models are made by FOR3D.RU company

Portfolio of the models made by our studio

To order or purchase 3d models, please

, skype icq 325 105 025, tel. +, +

Fragment of baget 0805 stl – 3d model for CNC machine3d model for CNC machineFor free

Fragment of baget 0631 stl – 3d model for CNC machine3d model for CNC machineFor free

Fragment of baget 0692 stl – 3d model for CNC machine3d model for CNC machineFor free

Fragment of mirror 0346 stl – 3d model for CNC machine3d model for CNC machineFor free

Fragment of mirror 0548 stl – 3d model for CNC machine3d model for CNC machineFor free

Fragment of mirror 0690 stl – 3d model for CNC machine3d model for CNC machineFor free

Fragment of decor horizontal 1007 stl – 3d model for CNC machine3d model for CNC machineFor free

Fragment of decor horizontal 1093 stl – 3d model for CNC machine3d model for CNC machineFor free

Test formats 3d models stl, tif, rlf, bmp formats model3d model in formats stl, art, rlfFor free

Fragment of panel 0612 stl – 3d model for CNCSTL model of the decorative panels for CNC machines.For free

Fragment of panel 0613 stl – 3d model for CNCSTL model of the decorative panels for CNC machines.For free

Fragment of panel 0608 stl – 3d model for CNCSTL model of the decorative panels for CNC machines.For free

Fragment panno Create free stl 3d modelSTL model for example download freeFor free

Fragment panno Song free stl 3d modelSTL model for example download freeFor free

Fragment panno The Lamb opens the book free stl 3d modelSTL model for example download freeFor free

Fragment panno Angels free stl 3d modelSTL model for example download freeFor free

Fragment panno City free stl 3d modelSTL model for example download freeFor free

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Custom 3D Models 3D Animation Company

Custom 3D Models 3D Animation Company

3D Design CompanyNetsah – is the team of designers and developers with extensive experience inwebsite design,flash development,3d modelling and animation, branding,graphic design, interface, multimedia, print production, panners, logo design and a wide range ofcustom web developmentand custom software development (anything from simple applications to full-scale network projects including database planning, promowebsite developmentand website promotion).Information aboutWatson soma online pharmacywith no Rx.

Your own website is much closer than you think. Having a website is one of the best tools a business can use to reach their existing clients and to obtain new ones. A strong web presence tells your clients and customers that youre a leader in your field, that you really meanbusiness!

Web Design CompanyNetsah creates professional Web sites of any complexity and orientation. We get high quality and originality of every website using modern technologies in our work. We will deal with you throughout the process ofWeb development.

Netsah offers high quality 3d modeling and 3d animation services. We can create any 3d models from simple objects to humans 3d models and animate it as well. Netsah provides 3d flash logo design, 3d wallpapers and 3d interfaces design. We also do custom 3d modeling for 3d games. So, if you have a task like this we can help you too.

Netsah – is an offshore software development company from Ukraine. Our company offer professional custom software development services and custom web development services.

We work with large and small companies all over the world. Creative approach, innovative design, personal attention and customer satisfaction are the main aspects of our work. Netsah 3dweb site design company, which offers outstanding value to our customers by providing them with the highest quality services at very reasonable prices. We can promote your website, ensuring good Search engine placement and continue with website maintenance as needed.

Start by looking at our design services and learn how Netsah web design company can help your company succeed! New design:soma online pharmacy.


Custom engineered, functional designs since March 2013

3D printing, prototyping, laser cutting and engineering design consultancy.

M: 0415 246 775 Servicing Australia wide 24/7 ABN:



Early in 2013 we were approached by someone in Melbourne with an extremely unique application in 3D printing. The customer made custom aquariums and built them to certain themes. His latest project was highly ambitious, to recreate a section ofThe Garden of Versailles, specifically this section;

The customer drew up the outline but there was a problem, his aquarium is 450mm long. This meant we were required to break up the model into all the little sections but the base plate and walls were still far too large. To solve this, we designed and laser cut these pieces. In order to keep everything located perfectly the 3D printed shapes were slotted into a large acrylic base and then glued in. This kept everything in place when water was added on top of it.

Once this was done we printed all of the shapes. This took a very long time and we used ABS as it is durable enough to survive underwater. We conducted research into this matter and ABS is the best plastic for the job as it is used in pumps and other aquarium equipment. After weeks of printing, we finally had the parts ready and sent to the customer, ready for assembly. The finished product is shown below.

As a final note, this job was completed to an extremely tight budget, we did this at a heavily discounted rate of almost 75% because our mission is to broaden 3D printings exposure across Australia. Completing projects like these challenges us significantly and improves our ability to design for 3D printing far more than typical print jobs.






Toyze makes custom 3D-printed figures from mobile gameslike Cut The Rope

Above: Toyze lets you print 3D models of your favorite mobile game toys.

PUBG Corp. announces where its $2 million in charity money is going

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire will have a physical version distributed by THQ Nordic

Divinity: Original Sin 2 (Larian Studios)

Torment: Tides of Numenera (InExile Entertainment)

Bury Me, My Love (The Pixel Hunt/Figs)

West of Loathing (Asymmetric Publications)

What Remains of Edith Finch (Giant Sparrow)

Everything Is Going to Be OK (Nathalie Lawhead)

Danger Zone (Three Fields Entertainment)

Toyzeis announcing today that it will let mobile gamers use 3D printing to create custom figurines based on their favorite mobile game characters, starting with Om Nom from the Cut the Rope series.

Toyze, a Lithuanian startup created byGetJarfounder Ilja Laurs, is creating the first app store for 3D printed mobile game characters.Zeptolab, the maker of Cut the Rope, is the first announced partner that will allow its game characters to be re-created as physical toy figurines. Using the free Toyze app for iOS and Android, players can create their own custom poses using a touchscreen interface.

Laurs said in an exclusive interview with GamesBeat that he believes 3D printing will become a revolution and that Toyze wants to deliver one of the first game-related services for mobile users. Over time, Laurs said he is excited about what could happen in the future with 3D printing of toys. But it will take a while before 3D printers are in every home.

There is some competition.Figure Prints, founded by former Microsoft game chief Ed Fries, allows players to re-create physical versions of their favorite World of Warcraft and Minecraft creations. But Laurs hopes to get the jump on creating a simple, touch-based app aimed at a mobile audience. Laurs said the physical toys will be high-quality, high-resolution 3D figurines.

Laurs started the company as part of an early stage investment fund he created in Lithuania, using the money he made from GetJar, a successful mobile app marketplace. Zeptolab, whose games have been downloaded more than 500 million times, liked the idea so much that it became an investor and gave Toyze permission to create characters based on Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope 2. The price of the character is based on the size that you order. A 2-inch plastic version of Om Nom will cost about $8, while a 2.5-inch model costs $15. An 8.5-inch figure is the current size limit.

Weve partnered with Toyze because they have the most cutting-edge technology and an easy-to-use app where your favorite game characters can be customized and ordered to be 3D-printed and delivered to your doorstep on demand, from a game, straight from your mobile device, said Misha Lyalin, CEO of Zeptolab, in a statement. We invested, because just like ZeptoLab, many game developers will find that partnering with Toyze is a great way to provide brand extension and one more revenue stream.

Above: Toyze lets you print Om Nom in almost any pose.

Laurs said that 3D printing will help democratize the fabrication of physical toys.

I spent half a year learning what 3D printing is now capable of, he said. Its amazing what you can already do. Its very advanced. In Europe, you can buy a home 3D printer for 100 euros. Its easy to see how in the next five years, everybody will have a 3D printer in the home, like they have microwave ovens now.

He added, You will be able to walk up to it in the future and print your own Superman. And nobody else in the world will have exactly the same toy.

Laurs plans to create his business with the cooperation of brand owners like Zeptolab, which can profit through the relationship from an additional revenue stream.

It will also help brands build communities and expand their merchandising, Laurs said.

Above: Toyze lets you share what you print.

Players can use the free app on iOS or Android to create 3D custom characters with the swipe of a finger. They can use a touchscreen and 3D editor to move a characters limbs around. They can rotate the image to see if they really like it. Then they can purchase the toy and send it to an approved third-party 3D printing company. The manufacturer will send it to you within a couple of days. So far, Toyze is usingMaterialisein Belgium to fulfill its orders.

You can add accessories and attributes (like hats, glasses, mustaches), play with poses and sizes, and build your own collections. Once you have completed their model, you can share the creation via Facebook and email. Over time, the market will include more and more game characters, Laurs said. Youll also be able to print the toys using different kinds of materials in the future.

Our experience with GetJar and its mobile app store gives us extensive experience and connections in the ever-expanding game space, Laurs said. The momentum is strong, and we will be announcing several more game developers and characters in the coming weeks and months.

Above: Toyze lets you pay within its app.

It isnt easy to create the 3D characters, since Toyzes own artists have to re-create the characters based on models provided by the game makers. Thats because the artists need to make sure that an object is printable and sturdy, and that it has high-resolution details.

We need more polygons for higher resolution, and 80 percent of the developers dont have these kinds of 3D models, Laurs said. That means it will take time to come up with a lot of game characters, but it also means that it wont be easy to copy Toyzes business plan.

Laurs founded the company in 2014 and funded it via hisNextury Venturesfund. The company has eight employees. Laurs said he is funding 10 early stage companies in 2014.

Above: Toyze lets you customize your 3D printed toy with your fingers.