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3D Printing Service NYC

which provide professional-level prints that will empower designers to create amazing products to life. We are the best choice to realize youryou have more time on your design innovation and minimize time on production.

We only use the best industrial 3D printing technology for our3D Printing Service New York. As a result, we are more than capable to handle complex designs and produce it with high quality materials. We got the most professional technicians who are experts when it comes to craftsmanship, technique and attention to detail.

Whether you are an individual designer, a start-up company, or big corporation, we can help you with creative renderings, high quality 3D prototypes and promotional campaigns.Call usforFREE quoteon our3D Printing Service New York.

Professional and expert craftsmen to execute your design.

Modern technology and equipment for all 3D Printing services.

support to help you bring your designs into life.

Call usnow and enjoy cheap3D printing servicesthat is quick, affordable and incredible attention to details. No matter how big or small your project is we can make it from concept into reality.


We operate a full-service 3D printing facility in Malaysia to enable you to build high precision and durable plastic parts.

We can 3D print solids, shells, surfaces, assemblies, moving parts, and clear plastics. Our models can be machined, drilled, polished, painted, dyed, chromed, frozen and heated.

We have the 3D printing precision to meet your needs.

With a precision of up to 25 micron, our state of the art technology is capable of brining to life the finest of details, produce functional assemblies and build strong and accurate 3D models with excellent finishing and build quality.

We have materials for most applications.

We offer a wide selection of 3D printed Thermo Plastics, HIPS, Flexible Plastics, Wood, PLA and ABS in different colours, textures and density to accurately represent your design objectives and application requirements.

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3D Printing Services in NYC

For Designers, Professionals, and Innovators.

Local, Hands-on, 3D Printing in New York.

Make Mode is a creative 3D printing studio in New York.

3D print your designs locally or start a custom project.

New to 3D printing? Need to create something custom for a client or to win over a new account? We offer a full-service design and 3d printing project plans that are customized to fit your needs, budget, and timeline.

Our network of talented designers can elevate ideas into beautiful physical designs.

We bake in a number of iterations based on your timeline to make sure the product is aligned with your creative vision.

We can do basic polish and painting directly in our studio, which allows for greater control and quicker turnarounds.

Learn More About Custom Projects3D Printing ServiceHigh-quality 3D printing service bureau based in NYC

Submit your 3D File (.stl, .obj, or .vml)

Choose Material/Confirm Turnaround and Cost

ABS plastic is used to create strong prototypes, functional parts and products, architecture models and more in single, solid colors such as red, blue, green, black, white.Learn more about printing with hard, plastic.

ABS Plastic prints are made using UprintSEPlus, a professional grade 3d printer. These prints use dissolvable support materials, which are removed in our studio to ensure high-quality results.

We charge by the volume of your 3D print. Learn more aboutpricing.

This is the maximum size of a 3D print in ABS plastic. Models must fit within this bounding box.

Sandstone is used to create figurines, presentation models, architecture models, complex geometry, prototypes, and more in full CMYK color or monochrome (including white).Learn more about 3D printing in sandstone.

Full Color Sandstone prints are made using the Projet 660, a professional grade 3d printer. We have developed in-house finishing techniques to ensure consistent, high-quality results.

We charge by the volume of your 3D print. Learn more aboutpricing.

This is the maximum size of a 3D print in sandstone. Models must fit within this bounding box.

Request a 3D Print in ABS plastic or SandstoneFile Requirements

To submit a project for 3d printing services, you will need to send a file in one of the following formats:

For design rules like minimum wall thicknesses, and other technical requirements, check out more information aboutABS Plastic 3D PrintsorFull Color Sandstone 3D Prints.

If you do not have a 3d print-ready file, we offer 3d design services to turn your idea into a file that can be 3d printed. You can send us whatever kind of information that best conveys your design intention. Whether this is in the form of shop drawings, images, sketches, vector drawings, a mood board, or a written description, you cansend that information to us for a quote/ feedback.

Design services start at $90/ hour. Check out somecustom projectswe have worked on in the past.

Have a question? Want to schedule a consultation? Feel free to reach out to us. If you would like to meet in person, please email us to schedule a meeting. Because we are a small & busy studio, we are unable to take unannounced walk-in consultations.

Over the past several years, we have worked with many clients on projects of all types. Through our combined years of experience we have learned what our clients value the most and built our company around providing you with the highest level of quality possible.

From Fortune 500 companies to solo artists to celebrities, hobbyists, and engineers, our clients require high-quality, professional results, clear and consistent communication, competitive and transparent pricing, and high speed turn-around. We aspire to offer these 4 key drivers of value to each of our clients.

Start a project with us and see for yourself why some of the biggest brands in world choose Make Mode for their 3d printing projects.

: We understand how important the look of your final product is and we dont stop until you are satisfied.

Clear and consistent communication:

Fabricating custom objects is a complicated process. Were here with you the entire way to update you on progress, consult on process/outcomes, and answer questions as you have them.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing:

It can be difficult to get a clear price for custom, 3d printing projects. We have a very transparent pricing structure and will work with you to keep your project within budget.

If you need something turned around in a hurry, weve got your back. We offer rush options to make sure that you and your clients have what they need on time.

Our 3D Printing Service

Direct from professional machines and a highly experienced team, to your door. Why not get a free 3D Printing quote now.

Parts will be added to the next available build, and then shipped from our UK printing facility direct to your door. We offer a cheap, fast service.

We do not sell materials, machines or offer any other service. We just build parts. That means as a company we are focused on doing this really well.

As a team, we have over 35 years combined experience with 3-Dimensional Printing.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our carefully selected materials and beautifully engineered parts. We have worked hard to select the finest materials and employ the best industry practises. Sit back upload your files and let us bring your ideas and creations to life. Where to 3D Print is a question many clients ask themselves, with our market leading technology, our know how and our can do spirit look no further than 3D Print Direct.

FDM printing at its best.(Link to page with the following copy and an image) Grey ABS-like. Visualisation, Prototypes ideal for fit or form checks. FDM can also produce functional parts such as enclosures, brackets and clips.

Key Details: Layer Thickness 1mm-2mm (1mm supported). Tolerances: +/_ 0.1mm. Large build area.

Fantastic detail, accuracy and surface finish. (Link to page with the following copy and related image) This is an ideal process for prototypes, models, architectural visualizations, moulds, tools and some functional parts. Clear ABS-like (Watershed) and White Ceramic-like (nanotool) . Great surface finish ideal for painting.

Key Details: Layer Thickness 0.1mm. Minimum Wall Thickness: 0.5mm. Large build area.

Functional prototypes and end products, (Link to page with the following copy and related image) Complex designs with extreme detail. Reinforced Nylon sintering allows designers and engineers to produce production ready, functional parts. Graphite SLS, Carbon Fibre SLS (dark grey/black) are two of our market leading materials on the market, offering impressive mechanical properties.

Key Details: Layer Thickness 0.1mm . Minimum Wall Thickness 0.8mm

We take pride in every 3D Printed part we produce. Our high end industrial 3D printing machines (used by Formula One teams) produce class leading surface finish and strength. With our 3d printing service, you can produce unique items that you have designed or downloaded. Our 3D Printing service is a cost-effective way to produce short runs of functional parts, prototypes or just about anything. Whether it is

SLS, SLA or FDM, 3Dprintdirect have selected a range of the finest materials to suit your needs. We are currently running: Clear ABS like, Ceramic like (epoxy resin White), Graphite SLS (Dark grey), Carbon SLS (Dark Grey), Grey ABS like.

Our Graphite and Carbon fibre reinforced nylon SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) materials have a dark grey/black colour. SLS is an industrial form of 3D Printing that uses a high power CO2 laser to fuse powder together. The result is parts with a temperature resistance up to 170C, excellent accuracy and class leading mechanical properties.

Whether it isSLS,SLA or FDM, 3D Print Direct have selected a range of the finest materials to suit your needs.

We are a 3D-Printing service bureau just 1 hour from London, UK.

3D Print Direct is a service provided by Graphite Additive Manufacturing.

High quality parts, superbly finished. Totally dependable on all counts.

Exactly like I wanted them to be. Great effort and delivery on a challenging part. Thank you!

The last part we had was absolutely brilliant and the best 3D print I have seen, so thanks for that!

I have had some feedback from the guys in the model shop, they are very impressed with the quality of the parts!! Thanks.

Great job received this morning. Good turn round, good finish very impressed. Thanks very much.

Thank you so much for the work you and your team put in for these samples, they are great. Truly impressed.

Firstly I just wanted to say that we have been extremely pleased with the consistent quality of the parts that have come through to us it is a credit to your team and the people working on the parts, right through from sales to production.

We supply many companies and individuals in the UK from a variety of different industries. Despite having state of the art equipment and materials which have a high associated cost, we are able to keep prices low by automated systems and efficiency through regular repeat orders from our clients. If you have any questions, please see our FAQs.

Make sure your project receives the right level of support, compare 3DPrintDirect with Graphite AMs premium service below in the service comparison chart. If you require a quicker turnaround please visit

Parts built with class leading materials

Design and material verified suitable for application

File manually checked for buildability

Orientated by hand for best accuracy & strength

Find out more about our SLA, SLS and SLM materials, processes and expertise.

Click here to receive an instant quote to 3D Print your parts.

Beautifully engineered parts in market leading materials. Click here to view our parts.

UK 3D Printing Service

IMIRP are proud to offer rapid prototyping, low volume production, product design, 3d CAD printing & images, RIM Casting, Vacuum Casting & use of wide variety of polyurethane resins

Rapid Prototypes Low Volume Production

Silicone Rubber And Polyurethane Foam Moulding

You are here:HomeServices» 3D Printing Services

IMIRP offer high quality 3D printed models via the SLA and SLS processes. If you can provide us with a suitable CAD model (STL, IGES, STP, Parasolid, Solidworks etc) we can normally ship your printed parts within 2-4 days, depending on part size and any secondary finishing operations that may be required such as painting or EMC shielding.

Our SLA machines have build bed sizes up to a 500mm cube, whilst our SLS capacity is 300mm cubed. Larger size models can be supplied by joining together 2 or more parts.

The cost of our services varies depending on each clients requirements. Therefore, please call us for a quote or just to discuss your requirements in more detail on0121 327 3525

3D printing, as it has now commonly known, has been around for many years but is now gaining a much wider audience as the cost of entry level machines plummets.

Virtually all 3D printers start from the same basic building block, a CAD model that can be split into layers that the relevant machine can then print. They can all also be grouped under the term additive manufacturing in that they form parts by adding material, in layers, rather than removing material from a block as would be the case with machining a component.

The machines that are now finding popular appeal are similar to inkjet printers, but instead of ink, a heated filament of plastic material is extruded through the print head to form each layer of theprinted component. This is very much an extension of FDM (fused deposition modelling) technology that was developed in the late 1980s. Although still somewhat limited in terms of accuracy and the quality of the materials they can print, the basic machines are relatively cheap to manufacture, hence their mushrooming appeal.

SLA and SLS belong to a higher level of machines that use laser technology to form the component layers. They generally have the advantage over the new mass market printers in terms of a bigger build envelope, greater degree of accuracy and materials that more closely match production intent designs. As a consequence, these types of machines are still relatively expensive and generally confined to commercial use. Polyjet and perfactory based printers would also be in this category.

If you need any samples ofSLAorSLSparts to aid in your material choice, please give us a call.

Since its inception in 1993, IMIRP Rapid Prototyping Ltd has been recognised as one of the market leaders within the industry. We have an established record of helping UK companies and individuals turn their ideas into products, at significantly reduced time, expense and risk.

Clone 3D Print and Production

In the past 3 years Clone 3D has 3D printed over 15,000 items for more than 500 happy and loyal customers. With in house FDM and MultiJet technologies we produced rapid prototypes, functional models, end-use-parts, architecture, sculptures and much more. Send a file for quote and find out why NZ businesses are using Clone 3D for their local 3D printing and additive manufacturing needs.

Just how strong is a 3D Printed part? In this video we endeavour to find out!

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FastProtoscom is For Sale!

FastProtos is the perfect name for this company. Quick turnaround and professional quality at a great price. It was great having direct contact with the owner. He followed up on every aspect from beginning to end.

We also accept Purchase Orders.NewsFastProtos was featured in anIEEE magazine article!PolyJet printers helped make the movieIron Man 2!Read MoreCompany NewsFor more info, please visitFor Sale Page.OBJET PolyJet 3D PRINTING

Our Objet printers produce models with small, accurate features and a smooth finish. See ourFAQ.

Click on the tabs above for more pictures.

This example has actual moving wheels and gears on the inside.

These examples show the amazing capabilities of PolyJet 3D printers.

This example demonstrates the smooth finish that is possible on outer surfaces. is now for sale! Sale includes:

Semi-automatic quoting system for

Order processing system for

Website/transition support, if needed, for 3 months

Contact: Please send an email or more information.

Whether youre an engineer, architect, artist, or hobbyist, we can print out your 3D CAD designs as plastic-like or metal models that you can touch and feel!

We provide rapid prototyping services including 3D printing with ObjetsPolyJettechnology, to provide you the highestqualityandprecision- at agreat price, and with3D metal printing. See ourServicespage.

3D Prin

Our Customer Services And Support Portion

3D Printing for Architectural Industry

3D Printing for Automotive Industry

Zeal Digital Manufacturing Services

Our Customer Services And Support Portion

3D Printing for Architectural Industry

3D Printing for Automotive Industry

3D Printing in Schools and Universities

Zeal Digital Manufacturing Services

Our Customer Services And Support Portion

3D Printing for Architectural Industry

3D Printing for Automotive Industry

3D Printing in Schools and Universities

Zeal Digital Manufacturing Services

Upload your 3D file and have it printed by 3D Printing.

Bring your ideas to us and we will design it for you. Modify your existing design using our 3D modelling services.Produce high resolution rendering images for marketing. Create manufacturing drawings for production. Design analysis check before 3D printing

3D scan your existing product. 3D scan your product and print in different materials. We can 3D scan objects within 50mm to 5m size.3Dscan accurace upto 30 microns. 3D Scanning can be ne at our office for small components or at your place for big components.

Applications of 3d printing1) Architectural models for Marketing or Demo2) Automobile companies for Prototyping or batch production in Plastic or Metal !!3) Art and craft industry for model making or get your scanned model printed4) Jewellery indutry for custom designed rings,and othe accessories5) Medical industry for dentures,surgery models,tools or

CT scan to color 3d printing for visual inspection And Many more

At Zeal we cater as per client requirements,So as an engineering company we adapt Design to Manufacture technique for all our designs.

Using Advanced SLS,SLA and SLM machines we can run production at very affordable cost.

We assist Engineering companies,Architects,Medical industries from design to Manufacture stage so enhance their portfolio.

«3D Printed Ring With Quality.  Very Good Design and Service….  »…»

«Delivered High Quality 3D Printing Product With Best Service… Thanks Alot !  »…»

«3D Printing Service, Within 1 day …As Per Requirement !!»…»

3D Printing Overview

Additive fabrication, more popularly known as 3D printing, is a method of producing physical objects from a variety of materials, usually one layer at a time. Additive fabrication begins with a plan (3D model data) and gradually adds material – according to the plan – until a finished object is formed.

This is in contrast to more traditional subtractive fabrication which starts with material and a plan – perhaps as simple as an idea – and proceeds to shape (or subtract) material until a finished object is formed. From stone age axes to todays high performance milled metal parts, this has been the dominant method of fabrication for thousands of years. Although additive fabrication is still in its infancy, it is poised to challenge traditional technologies in a number of areas. In fact, in certain areas such as rapid prototyping, it already has become the technology of choice.

The keys to additive fabrication are the abilities to model three dimensional objects and to precisely position and bind together component materials. Advances in computer technology and 3D CAD modeling in particular have made easily produced digital 3d models a reality. Advances in industrial machinery and materials technology have made precise positioning of a variety of materials a reality.

Today, cutting edge additive fabrication machines can produce objects with resolutions rivaling precision milling and molding. They can do this with a variety of materials from plastics to metals and even glass. Some of the advances, even in the last five years are astounding. That said, it is important to understand that while the Star Trek-like possibilities of additive fabrication seem limitless, the technology is still young. Build envelopes are still measured in tens or hundreds of cubic inches and productions times are still measured in minutes to hours – or even days.

Additive fabrication has come a long way – and for someapplicationsit is already a viable choice – but it still has a plenty of room for improvement. However, based on the recent rate of advancements the future of additive fabrication is indeed bright.

For a sober but still exciting overview of additive fabrication and some of the future possibilities check out Christopher Barnatts shortpieceat . Or, if youd really like to understand the industry, go to the expert, Terry Wohlers ofWohlers Associates, Inc.(like us, also in Colorado). He produces and annual report on the state of the industry and his website has lots of interesting information.

Why do we like the term additive fabrication better than 3D printing? Well, we could say that its more technically correct (it is – but not quite as correct as the ASTM-sanctioned term additive manufacturing). Or we could say were better than using colloquialisms (were not).

In reality, its simply because weve found its much easier to explain this technology to the uninitiated without first going through questions like do I need glasses for that or do I have to focus my eyes funny to see it. People just seem to have difficulty getting past the 2D paradigm associated with printing regardless of whether its prefaced with 3D.

Fabrication gets people into the 3D making things paradigm with additive being a useful term to compare and contrast with more traditional subtractive processes. Once we get to that point well often use additive fabrication and 3D printing interchangeabley. If youre already there feel free to use whichever term you like; well still understand you.

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Order without registrationConfiguration

Your file seems to have errors. We can still print it, or you couldupload another file. Please also note ourdesign guidelines.

Errors in file detected. We try automatic repair but unexpected print results are possible.Choose different file?Please also note ourdesign guidelines.

* minimum order value 5.95, incl. VAT, excl.shipping

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide the requested size of your item.

For the requested size, please visitorset biggest sizeMeltWerk is getting ready to seriously shake things up with their pricing structure.MeltWerk is taking a leap […] by offering prices that are up to 85% lower.

All3DPIf [3D printing] is not a creative avalanche yet, MeltWerks […] price might just give it the last, necessary, little push.

Got it, lets go!MeltWerk Photo GalleryCustomer ModelsMeltWerk Photo StoriesSome example prints from our customersComplete house model, several partsFractal Coral Design by Oliver Apelt (Mind Eversion)Honestly, we dont know what this is Design bySkeletal hand with heartRims Design by Christian HoffmannAlien Design by Soju AduckathilAngry dog Design by Bernhard BauerBow tie HipsterOld American streetcar Design byA tiny space ship. Isnt it cute?Some of our MeltWerk Photo Stories.

I always wanted a Monster nightlight -Instagram

This Batman cookie cutter (2008 Logo) is made by MeltWerk -Twitter

More time yet? Take the jet ✈ -Instagram

After brain tumor, my printed brain -Twitter

3dprinted bowtie in nylon and gold -Instagram

Costume building, spiderman face shell lenses. -Facebook

Awesome quality for low budget prices. -Twitter

Why not printing your own city? -Facebook

water-rocket-parachute-ejection-system helps me teach kids -Twitter

My first american streetcar model. Yeah! -Facebook

Need reinforcements! Print more space rabbits! -Facebook

Division Enigma World of Warcraft guild -Facebook

Business briefcase retractable system repair and upgrade -Facebook

So, heavenly demon or hellish angel? -Facebook

Sliding videos – now with extra smoothness. -TwitterHow can we offer 3D printing at a bargain price?

Got it, lets go!Inexpensive and outstanding quality – how does this work?EFFECTIVE PROCESSES

Less work for us, bargain prices for you.NO EXTRAS – NO ADDITIONAL COSTS

One technology, one material, one color.Easy and transparent.EASY TO HANDLE

No registration required.NO HIDDEN EXTRAS

The price will be calculated in real time.SECURITY

Were operating under German data protection law. This means that your files are safe and belong to you only.Your project deserves the best technology available!TECHNOLOGY

The high quality technology of 3D printing.

High Level of Details – Complex Designs without Support Structure – Eligible for Mobile Components – High Level of Stability – Slightly Rough SurfacePLAYGROUND

Min. wall thickness: 1 mm / Min. details: 0.7 mm

Max. bounding box: W + D + H = max. 360 mm

High quality polyamide 12, classic white

Properties: tensile strength, resistance to abrasion, insensitive to stress cracking