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3D Printing 3D Scanning Systems

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HPs new MultiJet Fusion technology is reinventing how companies prototype and produce functional parts, delivering durable nylon parts up to 10 times faster at half the cost.

RIZE 3D printing technology eliminates post processing for 50% faster part delivery and isotropic strength parts that are 2x stronger than competitive technologies.

Ultimaker desktop 3D printers deliver accurate and consistent complex 3D prints, industrial-grade materials, optimum performance and maximum value.

Creaform 3D scanners & optical CMM systems offer high resolution, high accuracy and portability in a 3D scanning system. Creaform handheld 3D scanners are ideal for continuous scanning in tight places.

Featuring Blue LED technology capable of scanning a wide range of surface types, Zeiss\s new Comet 3D Scanners offer unmatched price and performance in a 3D Scanner.

The most accurate, highest resolution long range scanner.

From vehicles to large buildings the Surphaser offers unmatched performance, accuracy and scan resolution.

APIs advanced laser tracking systems allow the user to focus on the job at hand, not the tool.

Offering the best tool for every accuracy, both IFM and ADM tracker systems will take care of all of your advanced measurement needs.

CyberGage360™ 3D Scanning System Overview

The new CyberGage360 from CyberOptics offers an unprecedented combination of speed, accuracy and one-button simplicity for non-contact automated 3D scanning inspection.

Geomagics Capture and Capture Mini provide fast, accurate bluelight scanning for professional scan-based design, reverse engineering and quality 3D inspection. Bundled with Geomagics 3D scanning software, Capture scanners enable fast scan-based design directly into SolidWorks or Geomagic Design X software, as well as accurate and automated 3D inspection with Geomagic Control.

Wenzel industrial CT Scanner can 3D scan a part inside and out in one continuous scan.

Wenzel industrial CT scanners are ideal for scanning small to medium parts that have intricate internal features, or very small details that are challenging for line of sight scanners.

With complete products and curiculum for design, engineering, automation, manfucturing and simulation, Solidworks and The CAD Academy for Education have become the 3D standard in the commercial and education markets.

Geomagic is the only company to offer a complete suite of CAD, reverse engineering and inspection products. Geomagic 3D modeling systems enable you to develop complex organic shapes faster than with traditional CAD tools, easily create multiple design variations, and rapidly clean up, modify and stylize scan data.

The worlds largest industrial manufacturing organizations (Toyota, GM, Volkswagen, Honda, BMW, Daimler, Ford, Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier, Apple, and many more) trust InnovMetrics PolyWorks® software solutions and associated technical services to maximize the benefits of 3D measurement technologies for their engineering and manufacturing applications.

EMS specializes in providing high quality 3D printing & rapid prototyping services for complex projects using the latest additive manufacturing technologies like SLA, SLS, FDM, MJM, DMLS, 3D Printing and more.

Depending on the job, EMS can build and ship prototypes in as little as 24 hours.

EMS is a premier provider of 3D scanning, reverse engineering and inspection services. From very small parts to large aircraft and buildings, EMS has the equipment and expertise to complete even the most complex project on time and on budget.

EMS employs a staff of experienced industrial designers and mechanical engineers who can help bring your ideas to life. Whether you have a napkin sketch, physical mock-up or 3D cad model, or you are simply on a short timeline or overloaded, our degreed engineering and design staff are available to help with your product development needs.

The automotive industry has become an increasingly complex and high tech industry. Years ago a typical car or truck model would last five to seven years with only some minor changes.

In todays market, many vehicle models are completely redesigned in as few as three years with minor model changes every two years.

The Aerospace industry offers some very unique and complex challenges for rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing and inspection. Most aircraft are highly complex assemblies of mechanical parts, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics and more.

Parts and assemblies can be very large, and tight tolerances, complex designs and FAA certifications make working in this industry not for the beginner.

One of the fastest growing industries today, the medical market includes medical devices, drill & cut guides and fixtures, implants, anatomic models and more.

Using state of the art technology like CT Scanners and metal sintering machines, EMS offers medical customers the 3D technologies, equipment, software and expertise to work in the demanding medical field. EMS provides the following services for the medical industry.

The consumer products market is highly competitive and fast changing. What was hot yesterday is old news today. To compete successfully, manufacturers have to get to market fast with well-designed and reliable products.

3D scanning and 3D printing have played a key role in expediting product development and improving product quality. Design iterations to get the right fit, look and function can now be done in days not months.

3D printing and 3D scanning provides military and defense manufacturers the ability to create complex, precise prototypes, create low volume tooling or produce single end-use parts.

Working with customers in the military and defense industry often entails dealing with large complex machinery, vehicles and weapons. In addition, special certifications such as ITAR may be required.

The simulation and trainer market has grown exponentially over the years. For every aircraft, fighting vehicle, tank, weapons system and other armed forces and civilian systems, personnel must be trained to operate them safely and correctly. In many cases, the original CAD doesnt exist or cannot be accessed to build an accurate simulator.

3D Scanning allows these original vehicles or aircraft to be captured in 3D and then modified as needed to work in a trainer or simulator. In addition, smaller parts such as flight control grips, duct work, brackets, knobs and other items can be 3D printed in robust materials to be used in the actual simulator or trainer.

The Entertainment industry presents unique manufacturing challenges due to its artistry and originality.

Movie props, costumes and other items often need to be duplicated for merchandising and other purposes. A custom suit worn by an action hero in a movie is very valuable. If a manufacturer of action figures or Halloween costumes wants to replicate the action heros outfit, the original handmade outfit can be 3D scanned and a design created. From there, design modifications can be made for ease of manufacturing or cost, and complete prototypes can be made and tested before final production.

EMS, Inc has been working in many other industries such as oil & gas, marine, heavy equipment, forensics and more for years. Having the right equipment and expertise allows us to apply our knowledge to almost any industry and application.

Other industries include Marine, Mining, Forensics, Dental, Musical Instruments, Power Generation, Recreational Vehicles, Industrial Equipment and much more.

Founded in 2001, EMS®, Inc. is a leading full service provider of commercial 3D printing and 3D scanning solutions to customers across a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, military, consumer goods and more.

As one of the only single source providers of both 3D Printing and 3D Scanning solutions, EMS specializes in helping clients streamline product development costs and time to market, inspect tough-to-measure parts and assemblies, and reverse engineer complex products to create accurate 3D models and CAD files where none exist.

EMS is always in the news with events, new products and services and much more.

Here is a small sampling of some of the success we have enjoyed with them.

EMS continues to grow and is always looking for experienced and professional people to join our team.

Check here for the latest career opportunities.

EMS is always exhibiting at trade shows, hosting seminars and open houses, performing traveling road shows or speaking at an event.

Check here often for the latest events.

EMS 3D Printing Knowledge Center includes a wide range of informational materials, including videos, images, success stories, as well as a variety of articles on technologies, equipment and applications.

EMS 3D Scanning Knowledge Center includes a wide range of informational materials, including videos, images, success stories, as well as a variety of articles on technologies, equipment and applications.

Engineering & Manufacturing Services» Products

EMS offers a full line of advanced 3D printers, 3D scanners and 3D software products to meet a wide range of rapid prototyping, product design, additive manufacturing, reverse engineering and inspection needs.

Whether your organization is looking to expedite product development or reverse engineering, expand short run manufacturing, or improve inspection processes, EMS has the products and expertise to identify the best 3D solution for the application need.

An authorized reseller of HP, RIZE & 3D Systems, EMS offers a full line of 3D printers for prototyping & production.

EMS offers a broad range of 3D scanning equipment and technologies to 3D scan very small to very large objects.

EMS offers some of the best 3D design and engineering software products available from GeoMagic, Innovmetric & others.

Color Concept Modeling (CJP, SLA, MJP)

Inspection Scanning Analysis


A 3D Print, Design, and Prototyping Company

Whatever your print need may be, we are here to help. Need a high resolution prototype, personal craft piece, or a replacement part that you cant seem to buy it anywhere? We have you covered. We offer a variety of print materials and colors to choose from. We also offer discounts on bulk orders.

Have an idea but just dont have the time to learn all those high-end CAD programs? We can turn your ideas into technical 3D renderings that are fabrication ready.

If you need more than just a few of the same pieces made and dont want to pay for the cost of 3D Printing, check out our Mold Making/Casting page. We offer small batch custom molds for most projects.

From figurines to working prototypes, our 3D printers provide endless possibilities and applications. We offer custom 3d printing in a wide range of materials and colors. Our printers print at a resolution as fine as 20 microns giving you a crisp detailed print.

Let us help make your ideas come to life. With over a decade of CAD and 3D modeling experience, we can provide you with everything you need to turn your idea into a reality. We will also design your file according to machine shop specifications.

Need something reproduced but dont have the skills to do so? Give us your item and we can reverse engineer it. Have a broken part but cant get a replacement? We also reverse engineer hard to find items. Just bring it in and we can do the rest, even 3D print it.

Need something reproduced but dont have the skills to do so? Give us your item and we can reverse engineer it. Have a broken part but cant get a replacement? We also reverse engineer hard to find items. Just bring it in and we can do the rest, even 3D print it.

CAD drawings are used in a large number of industrial and manufacturing applications. This technology is widely utilized in art and graphic design, and gives these artists a greater level of design flexibility than that of other mediums.

Need something reproduced but dont have the skills to do so? Give us your item and we can reverse engineer it. Have a broken part but cant get a replacement? We also reverse engineer hard to find items. Just bring it in and we can do the rest, even 3D print it.

Send us images of you or your loved ones and we will 3D print a bust and post process it to make it look like a bronze or stone statue.

CAD drawings are used in a large number of industrial and manufacturing applications. This technology is widely utilized in art and graphic design, and gives these artists a greater level of design flexibility than that of other mediums.

A lot of companies make large products that are too large to bring to trade shows. We makle scale replicas of your product so you can bring them to trade shows and conventions with ease, eliminating the hassle and even saving money.

We can build scale replicas of your product so you can easily take it to trade shows and conventions.

WE Just added a 3D printed bust service. Send us pictures of you or your loved one and we can turn it into a 3D printed bust.

We now offer laser engraving and laser cutting services. Our 80 watt laser is capable of cutting through thicker materials than standard

Have a prototype or need multiple pieces made? Check out our mold making and casting pagehere

Check out the new Redneck Rocket. 3D Printed Rocket using a Pringles can. Download and Print your own model rockethere

We know its difficult for the local printers to purchase filament, pay for shipping, and then wait for it to arrive. We are here to help others who are looking for filament on-the-fly. Check out our filament page for priceshere

With new advances in 3D printing every day, soon there will be limitless applications for this up-and-coming technology. If you are unfamiliar with some of the process and how 3D printing really works, take the time to check out this video courtesy of16X9onGlobalTo find out more about more about 3D printing, visitby clicking the link below.

3D Printing Miami







Have you met us? Our team tackles every project with excitement and intensity. Our mantra is go big or stay home.

Applications are often more powerful than inventions, says our CEO.  The 3D printing & scanning technology we offer is used to solve business problem in new and exciting ways.

We thrive on bringing order to chaos. Throw us your biggest challenge and sit back while we work our magic.


ALEXALEXCHIEF OF WIZARDRYDesign is the appropriate combination of materials in order to solve a problem. Charles Eames

 Northeastern University, BS Mechanical Engineering

12yrs+ Product Development Experience

MelissaMelissaOPERATIONS MAESTROScience is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life. Immanuel Kant

Florida State University, BS Biology

VICTORIAVICTORIASECRET WEAPONIf you want something new, you have to stop doing something old Peter F. Drucker

 Cornell University, BS Mechanical Engineering

We can print or scan anything. We make the full suite of 3D printing & 3D scanning technologies available to our clients. Our creative team takes a multimedia approach utilizing different materials & tools to best transform your vision into reality.

Our engineering team has hand selected and tested multiple products and developed a channel of top tier technologies to cater to a multitude of 3D printing needs and industries. Our One Stop Shop 3D Printing philosophy allows us to scale and outfit a hobbyist or small business as well as a Fortune 500 company.

3D PRINTERS- German RepRap, MakerBot, Stratasys, UP!, and more

3D SCANNERS- Creaform, David Vision Systems, HP and Structure Scanner

3D SOFTWARE- Simplify3D, Netfabb, and more!

TRAINING- 3D Printer, 3D Scanner, and CAD

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS- Got a complex problem? Good we are here to help!

3DChimera can help you design, improve and manufacture any product or prototype. Our experienced design team dramatically shortens the development process by understanding the unique needs of your project. We help develop a strategy that will bring your vision to life.

Robots are standing by. Call us at or simply specify your product or service interest below.

LOWEST PRICES, Fast & Helpful Response Guaranteed!

Wed reallylove to hear from youso why notdrop us an emailand well get back to you as soon as we can. If you are interested in one of our 3D printing or 3D scanning services please specify in your note and we will provide a customizedquote within 10 minutes.

+1.786.701.0700Robots Are Standing By Call Now!!

5246 SW 8th St, Ste 204-A, Coral Gables, Florida 33134

3D Printing Services Canada

As a rapid prototyping solutions and manufacturing services bureau, 3D Printing Services Canada is dedicated to providing our North American customers with a single source for custom manufactured parts. With a focus on delivering value to our clients, we aim to streamline the product development and manufacturing outsourcing process by offering the leading rapid prototyping and design service options all under one roof.

Customer service is built into our business culture, and establishing long-term relationships is our motivation for exceeding customer expectations. Our engineering and design staff are highly qualified and aim to provide solutions that best fit budgets, time constraints and manufacturing needs. With a high degree of professionalism and experience, using various rapid prototyping technologies, our service engineers will provide expert consultation on which technology best meets your project requirements.

We strive to provide the latest technologies so our clients are not limited in the creation of their designs and ideas. With our vast array of materials, the applications are endless, producing prototyped parts closest to their end-use form as possible. With Polyjet 3D Printing, Polyjet Matrix 3D printing, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Fused Deposition Manufacturing (FDM) and Stereolithography (SLA) there are a variety of rapid prototyping services to suit our clients needs. As a leading Canadian rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing service bureau we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and our expertise.

We focus on delivering value to our clients through three major areas, time, money, and quality. Our service engineers aim to deliver custom manufactured parts in your desired timeframes. Even if you require a next day prototype, our engineers can work with you to adjust size, material blends, and functional properties. Budgets are very common in the rapid prototyping industry, and as an experienced rapid prototyping bureau we understand this limitation. There are a variety of methods to overcome this problem, like material selection and size, which our engineers are happy to share in order for you to get your part at the right price. Finally we focus on delivering the highest quality parts to our clients. With different rapid prototyping machines, and materials we aim to deliver the combination that results in the closest representation of the end-use part.

We strive to be your number one source for rapid prototyping solutions and custom manufactured parts!

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3D Printing Services Canada is an authorized 3D printing services bureau providing 3D Printing, FDM and SLA services to North American clients. We create 3D models, 3D prototypes, rapid prototypes, and end-use parts for industries that include aerospace, multimedia, architecture, medical care, consumer products, automotive, manufacturing, and education. We deliver service to major North American cities including: Ottawa, Timmins, Queens, Hamilton, Calgary, Edmonton, Windsor, Winnipeg, Huntsville, Caledon, Toronto, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Kingston, Quebec City, St. Johns, London, Montreal, Gatineau, North Bay, Kamloops, Mississauga, Essex, Brampton, Etobicoke, North York, Saint Catharines, Saguenay, Fort McMurray, Oshawa, Oakville, Victoria, Vancouver, Halifax, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Austin, Columbus, Fort Worth, Charlotte, Detroit, Memphis, Baltimore, Boston, Seattle, Washington, Nashville, Denver, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Silicon Valley, Raleigh, Pittsburgh, Portland, Atlanta, Springfield, Scottsdale, Miami, Cleveland, Oakland, Minneapolis, and Washington DC.

3D Silicone Printing

is revolutionizing the world of additive manufacturing by introducing the worlds first real elastomer which can be 3D printed. Therefore proven silicone experts developed not only the material, but also software and hardware opening up new opportunities for various industries such as health care, automotive, electronics or even life style goods only to name a few.

The ACEO®team will present multi-material 3D printing with silicones at Formnext Powered by TCT 2017.

MDM West 2018, AnaheimMarch 5 6, 2018

2nd Additive Manufacturing Forum BerlinApril 23 26, 2018

Rapid + TCT, Fort Worth, USALatest VideoLearn, Discuss, Meet and PrintStoriesExploring New Scientific TerritoryExploring New Scientific Territory

Soft, flexible and cuttable: silicone elastomers offer a whole new approach to biomodels for education, training and research.

Get a Quote! Have your prototype or individualized design being 3D printed with silicone.

Upload your design or share your idea we help you realize it.

ACEO®is a registered trademark of Wacker Chemie AG.

Technical Data SheetsCertificates of Compliance for Biocompatibility and USP Tests

3D Printing Service Additive Manufacturing Company

Our flexible 3D Printing and additive manufacturing service gives youfast turnaround options, a wide range of materials and a choice of surface finish & detail levels.

We give you the best choice of 3D printed materials and process to build your design.

Produce your unique, one off designs using our 3D printing service.  We take your digital designs and make them real, printing your part in 3 dimensions. Our service uses the latest 3D printing & additive manufacturing technologys to give you accurate parts in a wide choice of materials and surface finishes.

Is to make 3D printing as simple for you to use as possible, producing your designs quickly and easily, and well help you avoid any potential pitfalls.

From our initial contact we give you fast, personalised quotes, advise on the best process and materials for your design and application, try and highlight potential problems.

Helping you get the parts you need, when you need them.

We give you a personalised 3D Printing service with fast turnaround options and a wide choice of materials in which to 3D print your designs.

Our services range fromStrong and Durablefor functional parts, throughFine and Ultra Fine Detailfor prototyping and model making. Our range ofFlexible, Rubber likematerials give you prototyping options in a range of shore A values.

Finally our3D Printed Metalsservice offers manufacturing for complex short run designs, including Aluminium, copper, steels and precious metals.

Example objects printed with our 3d printing services:

Our customer in France wanted some 3D printed models for testing prior to ordering expensive mould tools. 3D Alchemy quoted, manufactured and delivered within 2 weeks. Highly recommend.

3D-Alchemy were keen to follow up on quotes sent out. Willing to discuss individual requirements. Super fast receipt of product after ordering. ….Excellent product and customer service – super fast delivery time.

Careers© 2016 3D-Alchemy +44 (0)1952 .uk

3D Printing Services When You Do Not Have A 3D Printer

3D Printing Services When You Do Not Have A 3D Printer

3D Printing Services When You Do Not Have A 3D Printer

No 3D Printer? Use one of these affordable service bureaus

One of the things that I routinely hear from artists, makers, creators of all types is that they do not want to invest in a 3D printer, not yet. They want to get started slowly and test a few printers. Well, the best way to go about that is to use what is known as a 3D Printing Service Bureau.

There are many local 3D printer service bureaus, all around the USA and the world. Many times, these 3D Printing Service companies are small operations that cater to the local community, especially local business owners.

Some of them got started as CNC Machine operators or, in one case I recently encountered, as a traditional woodshop where the craftsman was making kitchen cabinets. He saw an opportunity to create very intricate trim with a 3D model and then created a new 3D printer service business.

A hidden bonus of using a 3D Printing as a service is that you often find someone who got into 3D printing to solve a problem, fell in love with the idea and is now quite expert at it. So, you get more than an office copy shop where you go in and press a button you find someone who can help you troubleshoot areas, if you need it, where your 3D model is not printing properly, for example.

I met another fine craftsman who does detailed and ornate ceiling tiles, among other residential restoration work. His company started using 3D printing, as a way to improve the quality and speed of their work, and their business has gone through the roof, no pun intended.

Check out their work:Aztec Scenic Designs.  3D printing can help you jumpstart a new business and you do not need a 3D printer in your home or shop to do it. Even if your intent is to print for your hobby, you can find affordable service businesses if you do not want to purchase a printer.

PartSnap 3D Printing and Product Development

Redeye –Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing Service Bureau

Shapeways – 3D Printing Service and Marketplace think of this as the Etsy for 3D printing. I have visited their New York headquarters for an in-depth tour as well as met many of the artists, or Shapies, as they like to be called. It is an excellent way to go for new and experienced artisans.

Proto Labs : Fastest Provider of CNC Machined and Injection Molded Parts. This company recently acquired and is expanding its own 3D printing services. They have one of the best online ordering systems and processes that I have seen.

Laser cutting and engraving design, make & build your own products with Ponoko. While you might not think of a laser cutter as a 3D device, depending on how you plan and cut your creations you can make something 3D.

3D Hubs: Local 3D printing services and 3D Printers

Custom furniture, home decor, and unique jewelry made for you by the most talented makers in the world CustomMade

Sculpteo Your 3D design turns into reality with 3D Printing

10 Principles of 3D Printing Excerpt

Would you wear some of these 3D printed items?

Ever heard of the Voronoi Pattern? Check it out in 3D!

How to Get Rich Quick With a 3D Printer

What materials are you 3D Printing with?

Need ABS or PLA material for your 3D printer? Check this big list.

How to figure out how much printing a 3-D object will cost

Here are the Mobile 3D Printing Apps You Need

Are you looking for a great 3D printer? LulzBot Mini delivers…

Need an easy-to-use 3D Slicing Program? Im testing Cura for LulzBot

Jazz up your 3D Prints with Exotic 3D Printer Metal Plastic Filaments

Trying to find the best way to build a 3D model?

Is Your 3D Printing Material Tough Enough?

Removing 3D printed support can be a pain, here are some tips.

Have you ever thought about coating a 3Dprinted part in metal? plating

Get the Most From Your Tech With Our Daily Tips

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for high-end additive manufacturing

Headquarters. Mooresville, North Carolina

3D Printing Technology, 3D Printing Materials, High-Precision CNC Machining for the United States

CRP USA is pleased to announce the successful launch of Windform into orbit

Windform continues to build Space Flight Heritage with successful launch on KySat-2

3D Printing technology and advanced sls materials

Highly-functional and beautiful finished parts

Windform is used to construct performing parts for the US motorsport

Short fabrication time for tough applications

Our customers challenges in 3D Printing become our own

CRP USA the right partner for performing technology devoted to 3D Printing and cutting edge cnc machining

CRP USA is one of the protagonist in the field of 3D Printing with Windform materials. Freeform design and short time-to-market is just a few advantages that this technology and materials can offer to the American customers.

Tough applications easy solutions thanks to Windform. The advanced additive manufacturing materials can create functional and beautiful finished parts and prototypes.

The additive manufacturing department can count on state-of-the-art custom production printers and Windform materials.

3D Printing and advanced cnc machining are suitable to carry out multiple applications in sectors such as space, entertainment, medical, racing and design.

CRP USA, LLC 127 Goodwin Circle Mooresville, NC 28115 – USA PHONE: +1

American 3D Printing

American 3D Printing brand TPU just $39.95/kg! Thats less than half the price of Ninjaflex. Both 1.75 and 3mm. We were even able to build with this on a Makerbot Rep 2 without any mods to the extruder!

We also now have American 3D Printing brand ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) is similar to ABS, but is stiffer and is UV-resistant. Same price as ABS, $29.95/kg.

In addition to PLA and ABS, we now have Makeshaper brand PETg for only $29.95/kg, less than half the price of Taulman T-Glase.

Finally, we have the carbon fiber reinforced HTPLA from Protopasta. This stuff is REALLY rigid!

We are now officially Tiertime resellers, and stock the new UP Mini 2! At only $599, it features a fully enclosed build chamber, WiFi and a color touch screen! This is an ideal starter 3D printer for the student or hobbiest. Come on in and check it out today!

American 3D Printing is now an officialMcorreseller. Come see ourIrisfull-color paper based 3D printer!

We are now members of the Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce.

We have partnered with one of the largest filament filament manufacturers in the USA (yes thats right,made-in-the-USAquality!) to bring you our ownAmerican 3D Printingbranded filament.

It is MUCH higher quality than that Chinese stuff you see everywhere, yet we can bring this to you for only $29.95/kg! We have PLA, TPU and ABS in both 1.75 and 3mm, and HIPS in 1.75mm and ASA in 3mm. 12 colors of ABS and 25 colors (and counting) of PLA.

Show us your student ID and printing is 1/2 price!

Object 8 tall x 8 wide $10

Object 8 tall x 8 wide 3 ft $20

Engineering, Design, Post Processing, Consultation and Training:

American 3D Printing 1.75 & 3mm 25 colors

TaulmanT-Glase PET1.75mm & 3mm 6 Colors

&nbspTaulmanBridge, 6453mm now inBLACK!

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) 1.75mm

Equipment- In Stock, take one home today!: