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3D Parts Manufacturing

3D Parts Manufacturing, offers local advanced manufacturing solutions. We provide our customers with access to the latest manufacturing options and expert project focused engineering services in order to produce prototypes, short run and mass production parts.

Here at 3D Parts Mfg. we specialize in providing a range of manufacturing solutions that serve the full product life cycle from conception to functional prototypes and through mass production. Our engineering team has a combined 20 years of experience in the prototyping and manufacturing fields. We offer a variety of rapid manufacturing processes as well as traditional processes that meet the needs of our diverse customer base. Our team specializes in guiding our customers through the design and manufacturing process. We gladly offer multiple production options to our customers and help them choose the best process to bring their ideas to life. We offer the industrys best options in high resolution additive manufactured plastics, flexible rubbers, metals and other materials. We also offer domestic and international tooling options for injection molded, compression molded parts as well as high and low volume subtractive processes.

3D Printing Service Singapore

Not everyone can afford to buy a 3D printer or is willing to invest in this kind of machine. Does it mean that these people wont be able to enjoy the possibilities of 3D printing? Of course not! No need to worry. Today, there are various 3D printing services you can find that can readily print the object you wish to be printed in 3D. Ever sincewas introduced in the market, it has enticed lots of people to try it and see the incredible output of this technology. This is why many 3D printing bureaus have emerged to match the growing demand for this service.

With the availability of various printing companies, people are given several choices to decide whom to work with. Now the challenging part is choosing which of these companies is dependable and can help you transform a digital file into a three dimensional solid object. Finding a reputed 3D printing company in Singapore is less complicated if you know what to look out for.

Most of the printing companies today have their own website where potential customers can check their portfolio or collection of previous projects. It is highly advisable to scrutinise the projects they have done in the past to give you an insight of their capabilities to meet your needs. Oftentimes, they would display those objects that have complex designs such as strange characters, or large sizes like bicycle.

Meanwhile, you can also visit the printing company to personally see and touch the 3D printed items that they have accomplished. Seeing actual 3D printed objects allows you to check the quality of the printed object. The more samples, the better! These samples can influence your decision in choosing which3D printing service in Singaporeto get.

One way to distinguish the best printing company from the mediocre ones is to simply read reviews or feedback from their previous customers. In case the website does not feature a testimonial page, you can browse over the Internet for possible reviews regarding the companys service and products. Most of the time, satisfied customers will share their experience about getting the service of a 3D printing company in Singapore.

Take note of those printing companies that have negative feedback from clients so you wont have to waste your time checking out their website or getting in touch with them. Apart from customer reviews, you can also find recommendations over the web which might be able to help you narrow down your list of possible printing companies to contact.

Prices of 3D printing service vary depending on different factors, such as size, complexity of designs and equipment used. Not all 3D printers use the same technology and not all printing companies use the same device. There are several methods to print and all those available are additive, differing mainly in the way layers are built to create the final object. Some companies already employ the latest kind of 3D printer to provide high quality printed object, which often result into higher prices.

On the other hand, there are printing companies that might still be using the older version of 3D printer which could mean lower printing rate. So, you should compare the prices of at least three printing companies to determine which one offers lesser price with reliable service.

Get in touch with a couple of printing companies and ask for quotation so you can compare their prices. Obviously, you would want to opt for cheaper price but always consider the quality of the final object. If paying less means getting substandard output, it will be a waste of money. Find a company that offers3D printing service in Singaporeat reasonable price with similar quality from those expensive ones.

Worlds Biggest Truck Maker Turns to 3D Printing for Spare Parts

Worlds Biggest Truck Maker Turns to 3D Printing for Spare Parts

Worlds Most Admired Companies

Worlds Biggest Truck Maker Turns to 3D Printing for Spare Parts

The company behind Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner wants to be able to forge new alliances – and shed underperforming assets.

Photograph by Daimler AG/PR Newswire/AP

Daimler AG, the worlds largest truck manufacturer, will use three-dimensional printing (3D) to make spare parts made from plastics as digital manufacturing reshapes the vehicle supply chain.

Rather than shipping vehicle parts across the globe from Germany, Daimler can now send a digital blueprint of a spare part to a printer which can convert special inks into hardened plastics without the need for stocking or shipping the part.

As of September, Mercedes-Benz Trucks will use 3D printing processes for plastic spare parts including spring caps, air and cable ducts, clamps, mountings and control elements, Daimler said on Wednesday.

Daimler has more than 100,000 printed prototype parts, and will be expanding production using 3D printing methods, the company said.

The printed spare parts are created with 3D printers based on the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) printing process and ordered using the special spare part number, even for parts on models which are several decades old.

Without having to manufacture tools for each part, the 3D printing process can secure supply even for model series which are no longer produced, or for parts which are produced only in very low quantities every year.

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Worlds Most Admired Companies

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3D-Parts Ltd

We are specialists in 3D printing, rapid prototyping, metal plating of plastic parts, wind tunnel testing & consultancy.

Here at 3D-Parts Ltd/TMG, we understand that quality is paramount to succeed but costs and time to market must be competitive

From design, to prototyping, testing and consultancy – 3D-Parts Ltd/TMG provide the highest quality products and services, utilising the latest technology and expertise, tailored to suit your requirements.

Andy Allshorn – having been involved with the industry for over 20 years, is a leading authority worldwide on 3D Printing and its various applications.

Scott Doe – Senior Designer at Williams F1 for over 17 years and Technical Director of a 3D Printing bureau, his experience and expertise is well placed to understand the requirements of the customer.

TMG personnel – from Formula 1, Le Mans, World Rally vehicles to Electric/Hybrid vehicles TMG have a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

At 3D-Parts Ltd we have the latest technology available. From SLA, SLS, FDM to DMLS. Various materials to choose from including DSM Nanotool, Watershed to EOS PA 3200GF, Carbonmide, Inconel to name just a few

From manufacture of parts 3D-Parts Ltd can go on to fully develop the project with the vast testing facilities available @ TMG. 3D-Parts Ltd can offer full machine shop facilities with the latest technology, Carbon fibre facility with full size autoclaves, Injection moulded parts etc.

Specifically developed for plastic parts produced using 3D printing or additive manufacturing technologies. Plating parameters can be adjusted to suit the application at hand, to achieve the required layer thickness and metal finish.

Full testing facilities are available ranging from Windtunnel (full car size) to various testing rigs ranging from Transmission, Suspension, Cooling etc.

3D-Parts Ltd is a specialist, UK based company who provide a range of market leading Rapid Prototyping applications and services to many businesses, industries and organisations worldwide, in particular automotive, including the highly demanding and competitive world of Formula 1 racing.

We coordinate the design, development, manufacture and supply of many parts and products utilising 3D printing, rapid prototyping technology, carbon composite and injection moulded parts, including metal plating of plastic parts, complimented with consultancy and full testing facilities.

Our technical team boasts a wealth of experience and technical expertise within our industry, throughout which we have proudly built a solid reputation, offering the ability to deliver world class products and services of any size, on time and within budget – vital to todays competitive market.

For further information on our services, materials and process options, or to discuss your specific requirements, please telephone us on

3D-Parts Ltd and TMG Announce Partnership

New European Partnership Offers Additive Manufacturing Excellence to UK Organisations

Were exhibiting at the 2017 tct Show along with AT-3D SQUARED on 26-28 September 2017.

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About Paradigm 3D

Aerospace and Defense, Commercial UAVs

Design for manufacturability with FDM

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3D Printing Service Professionals Supplying Top Quality 3D Printing Service Additive Manufacturing

The Largest 3D Printing Service Bureau in the Middle East where 3D printing professionals supplying high quality 3D printing service with professional 3D Printers in Dubai, Abu Dhbai-UAE, Riyadh, Dammam-Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman. 3D printing reduces delivery time, lower production costs and improve quality.

Presenting the in-house Services division ofD2M Solutions FZE.for all your requirements of 3D Design, 3D Printing, 3D Scanning and more Paradigm 3D.

Paradigm 3Dis theFirst Digital Factory of the Future in the Middle Eastdedicated to supplying 3D printing services for low-volume and customized production. The company is at the forefront of the paradigm shift in manufacturing away from the traditional mass production line factory to the lateston the fly manufacturingto create innovative local goods in the digital age with best service.

A member of the Global Direct Digital Manufacturing Network, Paradigm 3D is part of a world-wide alliance of experienced direct digital factories that are using 3D Printers to provide cost-effective, functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and durable end-use parts, directly from 3D CAD design data.

3D Printing (also referred to as Additive Manufacturing or Direct Digital Manufacturing) provides completely new ways to create products without the restrictions of traditional manufacturing, so that more innovative products can be produced on-demand.

For low-volume production of durable parts, and spares in a variety of materials 3D Printing can provide very rapid production, without the need for expensive tooling, saving time and money. On the fly manufacturing can be essential for industries than need to reduce down-time or quickly respond to customer needs.

Concept models, marketing mock-up/exhibition models, scale replica models

Bridge tooling for injection molding

Innovative and customized corporate gifts

Parts with a variety of finishes available, including metal or gold-plating.

Manufacturing tools thermo/vacuum forming, sheet metal forming, paper pulp molds,

Jigs & fixtures and composite tooling

Watch the video below about 3D Printing Versatility from our technology partner Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

The Paradigm 3D direct digital factory is centrally located in Dubai, UAE, to serve the needs of the Middle East for fast 3D printed parts. To verify that your design can be printed, get a quote from your 3D stl file by simply click the get a quote button.

If you need additional assistance the Paradigm 3D consultants are waiting for your enquiries and can provide a bespoke 3D design to production service if required.

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing brings expertise in printing 3D parts throughout the globe. Its a division of Stratasys, a global leader in 3D printing. Stratasys Direct Manufacturing resulted from three leading additive manufacturing service companies merging: Solid Concepts Inc., Harvest Technologies, and RedEye.

The network has the largest FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) and PolyJet Color and Multi-Material 3D printing capacity in the world; altogether there are nine cutting edge manufacturing facilities. An impressive resource of additive manufacturing equipment, custom formulated materials, and ISO 9001, AS9100 certification. Members have unparalleled experience and resources, designers and engineers who are knowledgeable in all aspects of 3D design, new product development and the latest 3D printing advances, to ensure customers get a superior service and high quality 3D parts.

Paradigm 3D is a division of leading industrial technology supplier -D2M Solutions FZEand member of the Global Direct Digital Manufacturing Network

Designing a Replacement Part using 3D printing

Learn the most in-demand business, tech and creative skills from industry experts.

Creating replacement parts for household appliances and furniture (like a broken oven knob or draw pull) is a great use of desktop 3D printers. In this short project course, author Kacie Hultgren takes us through the four steps needed to design and ultimately print a replacement part with your 3D printer: sketching your ideas on paper, translating notes into a digital design with a CAD program, testing the print, and then revising and improving on your model. Start now and learn to create replacement parts that are almost as good as the original.

Kacie Hultgren is a multidisciplinary designer, focused on set design for live performance.

Her experiments using early DIY desktop 3D printers for scale model building led to an online following in the 3D printing community, where she posts under the handle PrettySmallThings. She is passionate about teaching others to use digital tools and hardware to augment traditional craft and bring their ideas to life in three dimensions. Kacie lives in New York City. You can find her on Twitter: @KacieHultgren.

(upbeat music) – Hi, Im Kacie Hultgren and welcome to 3D Printing Projects Creating a Replacement Part. Creating and customizing replacement parts are a great use of a desktop 3D printer. Well be covering four main steps to a finished project. First, how to think about objects in three dimensions. How to measure, sketch and record a part on paper. Then well translate those notes into a 3D part in a free online CAD program called Tinkercad. Then its time to iterate. Well print our design and look for ways to improve it, both by optimizing it for the process of 3D printing and adding your own personal flair. When youre finished, youll not only have a 3D printed replacement part, youll also have a design process that you can apply to future projects. So lets get started.

Watch courses on your mobile device without an internet connection. Download courses using your iOS or Android LinkedIn Learning app.

Watch this course anytime, anywhere.Get started with a free trial today.

What if I dont have a 3D printer?

Design rules: Planning for thread width

Iterating with Cut, Copy, and Paste

Splitting the design into two pieces

Learn the most in-demand business, tech and creative skills from industry experts.

e Parts on Demand

3D printed sand molds and cores or printed metal parts delivered to your door.

Parts on Demand are within your reachsimply determine your needs and well take it from there.

ExOne offers full 3D printing contract services through Production Service Centers across the globe. This allows customers the ability to print parts where and when they need them, which is a revolutionary change from traditional manufacturing operations.

from R&D materials development to 3D design. Please browse our Engineering Services section to learn more.

Production Service Centers utilize revolutionary binder jetting technology to create Parts on Demand with industrial grade materials. This process eliminates the need for tooling, support structures or build plates, and is a fast and cost-effective process when compared to both traditional and other additive processes. The material sets offered are designed to work with existing industry processes and applications.

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Things to Consider Before Printing:

Do I need a printed metal part, or printed sand molds or cores for making a casting?

ExOne offers Parts on Demand using either metal or sand specialty printing systems. Letting us know what your needs are will help us route your quote request most effectively.

Will I require a finished casting or other finishing services?

Parts on Demand are near-net meaning some finishing may be desired or required, whether for a printed metal part or for a sand casting. ExOne offers a full array of finishing and casting services to meet your needs. Please contact us for details.

Will I need assistance with creating a digital file?

ExOne accepts a wide range of digital modeling file types, though STL is most preferred, and files can be easily uploaded via our Request a Quote form. If you need assistance creating a file that is suitable for 3D printing, please inquire about our design services.

Standard lead time for printed sand cores and molds are 5-7 working days. For printed metal parts, 14 working days. Rush services are available.

The binder jetting process is the most economical choice for 3D printing Parts on Demand. And lots of 1 can be just as efficient as lots of 1,000. Additionally, iterative or individually customized parts can be printed in a single print run.

Contact the ExOne team for a quote.

The ExCast program, offered by ExOne, supplies complex finished casting parts for prototyping and short run production on a rapid delivery platform…Read More

Complex sand core and mold packages or functional metal parts can be delivered to your door in days…Read More

At ExOne, we help our customers to solve problems using our 3D printing technology.Read More

3D Scanning Services

3D scanning doesnt need to be hard. Were here to make it easy for you.

3D scanning services can help you solve problems such as:

Map out structure, piping and conduit to accurately plan changes to your facility

Performing first-article-inspection, verifying that the part was built as designed

Create a 3D CAD model complete with 2D drawings having only the part to go by

Create a BIM model for building renovation

Make digital modifications to parts by changing their size or adding/removing features

Closely analyze parts for subtle flaws and fitment issues

We contracted Arrival 3D to do a scan and create a 3D model of a manufacturing assembly that we transferred to another U.S. manufacturing location. This technology allowed us to transfer the line in record time! Arrival 3D was very responsive, met deadlines and were cost competitive.

Are you new to 3D scanning services?

If so, that is not a problem, many of our customers are. Here are answers to questions that people often have about 3D scanning:

3d scanning is the process of using electronic instruments to capture the precise shape of an object in digital form. There are two main types: 1)long range 3D scanning servicesand 2)part 3D scanning services.

Yes, but it is very broad and ranges from about the size of a kernel of corn to the size of a very large industrial facility. For example, a mile-long assembly line would be no problem. For a California customer, we once scannedfive miles of conveyor belts.

Depending on the type of scanning, accuracy can range from 1/8 forbuilding scanningto .0005 forindustrial ct scanning services. The typical accuracy for an average part is about .005.

In-house 3D scanning cost of small parts starts at $100 or more depending on part size and complexity. On-site 3D laser scanning cost starts at $1,500 per day or more depending on the situation. Every scan is different, so call us for a customized quote for your project.

Typical turnaround for a simple scanning project is 3-5 days. If CAD modeling is involved, the turnaround time varies according to complexity.

Here are some example renderings taken from recent 3D scanning service projects that we have worked on:

more faqs about 3D scanning services

Whenever you need to solve problems such as:

You have a mold that weve been using for 30 years and have no drawings for it

You need to install additional piping within an already congested space

You are re-purposing a space and need as-built drawings

You have a hand-made prototype and need to create drawings to manufacture it

You need to perform a FAI (First Article Inspection)

Read more about why companies are using3D scanning services

Many standard 3D files can be produced including Solidworks, STL for 3D printing, AutoCAD, STEP, IGES, XYZ, ReCap and many more. Here is a more extensive list of thefile formats you can get from 3D scanning services.

No. 3D Laser scanning is a non-contact technique. For highly reflective parts, we may coat the part with a light talcum powder which is easliy removed.

Our on-site laser scanning process uses eye-safe instruments in most cases. For flammable environments we use an explosion-proof scanner. 3D scanning promotes safety because it permits you to take measurements from a safe distance from your plant hazards.

We use some of thebest 3D scannersavailable. And if we dont have it, we know where to get it.

Yes!DIY 3D scanningmay be an option for you. If you have the time and patience, you can do 3D scanning for free. But if accuracy, quality and turnaround time matter, wed be glad to do it for you.

Here are a various types of scan output formats that you can download and test with your software. (These are for your testing use only, and not for publishing or distribution)

Auto Mounting Bracket STP NURBS Autosurface

Flanged Fitting SLDPRT Feature-based Model

Flanged Fitting SLDDRW Solidworks Drawing

Flanged Fitting PDF Dimensioned 2D CAD

Stockpile Drone Scan 3D PDF Color Mesh

Warehouse Scan RVT Autodesk Revit Model

Piping with Ground DWG Layered AutoCAD

Building Structure DXF Layered AutoCAD

Molded Trumpetn PDF Deviation Report

3D Scanning Golf Green in Dallas, TX

3D Scanning Houston Turbine-Driven Compressor

3D Scanning Los Angeles: Beverly Hills Rooftops

Arrival 3D: Scanning Above the LA Skyline

Tulsa 3D Printing Miniature tabletop oil gas refinery

All Aboard The Catalina Express! Arrival 3D Ship Scanning

3D Scanning for New Climbing Gym in Dallas Ft Worth Area

Courtroom Animation: Irvine Bike Trail Scanning

Armstrong Flooring Stockpile 3D Scanning, Southgate CA

Historical Architecture Scanning in Koreatown, Los Angeles

Fishing Vessel Scanning: Port of Long Beach, Terminal Island

Hospital Scanning in San Antonio Texas

Porsche Rear End Scanning: Corona, CA

Scanning UTMB Hospital in League City, Texas

No Job Too Small: Reverse Engineering Small Parts in Austin

Are you ready to start building your part?

Fisher Unitech can help you with your product development and additive manufacturing needs. Whether you need to compliment your in-house printing or are looking for a service bureau we are here to help. Please email requests toand we will contact you with request details.

Welcome! Prism Engineering changed our name to Fisher Unitech and moved our site to . At m we can assist you with all of your product, support, and training needs.