Newly added wild hope series Hammer new machine circuit diagram was exposed

Although it has already revealed the news that the hammer new machine will be released on September 7, it is unknown what kind of model is launched. Now, some netizens have exposed the new machine line of hammer technology in the second half of this year to next year on Weibo.

Or debut at the end of September

It is worth mentioning that the legendary hammer T3 will be released in the Japanese market on September 20th. The shape will continue the shape of the T series of three physical keys, and the fingerprint recognition sensor is also placed on the back of the phone. Equipped with a 5-inch 1080p display and Opteron 820 processor, it has a storage combination of 4GB RAM + 32/64/128GB, and is also equipped with a 16-megapixel camera that supports laser focusing and dual-color LED flash.

The picture shows not only that the hammer will launch the nut 2 generation on September 7th, but also the members of the “Yuwang” series will soon meet with us. As for the hammer T3 that everyone pays attention to, it will be officially debuted on September 20th, and adopts three physical buttons and a rear fingerprint identification design, but the authenticity of the news has yet to be confirmed.

According to the new technology diagram of the hammer technology exposed by the netizen, the hammer will release the nut 2 generation on September 7. The main feature is that it will adopt a 5.5-inch touch screen, support 1080p resolution, and carry the Snapdragon 652 processor and own 4GB of memory, and offers 32GB/64GB/128GB three storage capacity options; loaded 16 million pixel camera, equipped with dual color temperature LED flash and laser focus function, as the shape will be round Home button and front fingerprint recognition design.

Not only that, but the hammer will also launch a new “Wild Hope” series of new machines at the launch conference in early September. It is also designed for round home keys and front fingerprint recognition, but the 5.7-inch touch screen will support 2K. Resolution, and equipped with Snapdragon 820 processor and has 6GB of memory, the other includes three storage capacity, 16 million pixel camera is exactly the same as the nut 2 generation.

As for the newly launched “Yuwang” series, it will be named V series in Japan, and it is also equipped with 5.7-inch 2K display, but the processor is upgraded to Snapdragon 821, and provides 6GB memory and 32/64/128GB. The storage capacity, while the camera is upgraded to 21 million pixels, supports laser focus and dual color temperature LED flash, and will bring iris recognition. It also has three physical buttons and a back fingerprint recognition function.

Subsequent editions are more powerful

After the Nut 2 and the Wild Hope series, the hammer will add a follow-up version to the two new machines. Among them, the nut 3 touch screen, the storage capacity will not change, but the processor is changed to Snapdragon 660, with 6GB of memory and a dual lens design, also a round Home button and front fingerprint recognition. As for the “Yewang” 2nd generation configuration will also be upgraded simultaneously, including 8GB of memory, Snapdragon 821 processor, and equipped with dual cameras, etc., but for the time being is not clear about the specific release time.

In addition, there are netizens who exposed the rendering of the hammer new machine on the forum. The main feature is that the round home button design is used like the nut 2 generation, but the mute is integrated on the power button on the side of the fuselage. Key and LED prompt light function, users can set different color prompt lights for common APP according to their own preferences. Therefore, from the information leaked, the Nut 2 generation will use the round Home button to design and integrate the fingerprint recognition function, while the hammer T3 will retain the traditional three physical key design, and the back side integrates the fingerprint recognition sensor, but the above message How high the authenticity is, perhaps only to stay at the September 7th conference to uncover the mystery.related articles china mobile.html

It is said that Qualcomm is very powerful, but do you know why?

If you know something about the Opteron processor that is currently installed in your flagship smartphone, you will know Qualcomm (Qualcomm), which provides strong technical support behind this processor.
Since the 2G and 3G eras, Qualcomm’s technology in the field of wireless communications has played a key role in the development of 2G/3G to 4G in recent years. Taking a chestnut, the CDMA technology that changed the communications industry and the lives of users, was implemented by Qualcomm for a long time.

The smart phone has become an indispensable device for people, but the performance of the mobile phone is not good. At present, it mainly relies on various test running software to measure, including various parameters such as CPU, GPU, camera, screen, etc. The test results are presented as an intuitive understanding. However, one of the most important indicators is often overlooked, which is the performance of the “mobile phone cat” modem. Although the mobile modem is small in size, it affects the connectivity between the mobile phone and the outside world. For example, if the call signal is good or not, whether the Internet is fast or not, LTE, Wi-Fi connection, etc. are inseparable from it. It can be said that it affects us. Every aspect of life.

Strong connectivity

Qualcomm has been in the field of communications for many years, and launched a variety of advanced LTE modems, bringing higher standards to the connectivity of smartphones and constantly refreshing the uplink and downlink rates. It must be said that at every point in time, the Qualcomm Snapdragon modem is the representative of the strongest communication capabilities at the time, even maintaining the rhythm of two or three generations of competitors.

Looking back at the evolution of the first generation of Qualcomm LTE LTE modems, we can see that Qualcomm has launched X5, X7, X8, X10, X12 and even X16 (up to the first generation of LTE multimode modems in 2010). 1Gbps download rate, Gigabit Gigabit Gigabit!) A variety of LTE modems.

After the launch of the Snapdragon 820 chip with X12 LTE modem this year, it not only brings higher uplink and downlink rates to smartphones, but also brings advanced connection experience such as VoLTE HD call, uplink and downlink carrier aggregation and 4×4 MIMO. Not long ago, the new flagship products such as Le Max 2, Xiaomi 5 and Nubia Z11, which were unveiled in front of the public, used many new functions of the Snapdragon 820.
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Anti-human phone design Can you accept it?

Today’s mobile phone development, the hardware has basically been homogenized, many manufacturers in order to seek consumer attention, continue to develop some unique new features for mobile phones. Some of these new features are more successful (fingerprint recognition, dual systems, etc.), and there are some (mentioned below) that can’t help but have a sense of “pits, this is”, then we will focus on these Anti-human phone design.

Many people say that Android phones come with a physical (or virtual) return button at the bottom of the screen, and many Android apps still have a virtual back button in the upper left corner. Isn’t that a superfluous addition? Xiaobian started to feel this way, but I think that APP developers must also know that Android phones have a return button, which must be flawed. So Xiaobian went to check the information, and sure enough.

Originally in Android 4.0 and above, the back button of the virtual keyboard at the bottom of the screen, and the so-called return button in the upper left corner, are not the same thing. The back of the screen returns the real return key, which returns the “previous interface view” function, and the so-called return in the upper left corner is actually the up button, which returns the “upper level directory (app based)” function. However, many app developers have made this up button function a return button function.

However, this is understandable. This thing is really difficult to understand. This design looks beautiful, but it is difficult for ordinary users to understand, and even many developers have not understood it. Xiaobian also hates this complicated and diverse way of returning. This is simply a design that can’t be worse. First of all, the user is not a geek, there is no time to toss the phone; secondly for the user above the 5-inch screen, the top left corner is simply anti-human, and it is a nightmare for one-handed users.

In short, users are not smart, they tend to prefer more idiotic designs. Take a look at the 360 ​​”one-click cleanup” features and you will know. But users are not stupid. Once they feel “not good” or “will not use”, they will be smart to change phones, change applications, and change Rom. What is unfriendly is the user’s betrayal.related articles china mobile.html

Charging all night, big mistakes, correct charging method for mobile phones

Nowadays, people often encounter the situation that the mobile phone battery is not enough. Some people connect the mobile phone to the charger every day. With the continuous improvement of the performance of smart phones, the lack of battery has become a difficult problem to solve. Most users’ mobile phones are half-day, and some may be used more frequently. In order to solve the problem of no electricity, Some people will be equipped with a mobile power supply, and many more people have developed the habit of using it during the day and charging at night, so how long does it take to connect the charger to the battery? Next, this article will give you some knowledge about mobile phone batteries, and put forward some of the most ideal charging suggestions for your reference.

Cell phone batteries are now using lithium-ion batteries. The advantage of this type of battery is that it is small and rechargeable. It is suitable for portable electronic products such as mobile phones. This kind of lithium-ion battery does not have a memory function, so it is very casual to charge it. Basically, it is no problem when you want to charge it.

In recent years, with the use of various fast charging technologies, many mobile phones can be fully charged in one to two hours, so many friends may have questions. Can I really put my mobile phone with the charger for one night?

Lithium battery life and main influencing factors

The life of a lithium battery is measured by the charging cycle. The so-called charging cycle refers to the process of charging all the battery from full to empty and then from empty to full. If you have a 1000 mAh battery, you will be fully charged after every 100 mAh, then you have to charge 10 times to calculate a charge cycle (100 mA times 10 times).

Therefore, there is absolutely no need to wait until the battery is running out before charging. Some people have suggested that the charger will damage the battery all the time. This is true because the characteristics of the lithium-ion battery, even if the power is already full, as long as the power is connected, it will continue to charge the battery. The high voltage load on the battery causes the battery to exceed the load, which is the main reason why some mobile phones explode when charging. However, today’s mobile phones have overcharge protection, and will automatically power off when the battery is fully charged.

In short, continuous exposure to high voltage loads is the main reason for shortening battery life. So how to reduce this state of charge, you first need to understand the process of charging the phone.

Mobile phone battery charging process

Next, we will introduce how the mobile phone battery is charged (new battery is not applicable, here refers to the mobile phone battery used for a while). The charging of the mobile phone is mainly divided into four stages. According to the charging test made by the website batteryuniversity, the corresponding voltage and current of the four stages can be known. The following figure shows the corresponding numerical value of the voltage and current of the four stages of the charging process. Below is an analysis of the charging process for this chart.

The first phase is for the fast charging phase. Starting from charging the charger, the voltage of the battery is at a relatively low value, and then the voltage begins to increase rapidly. Since the current value is high at the beginning, the charging efficiency at this stage can be said to be the highest.

In the second stage, as the current value gradually decreases, the voltage begins to stabilize after the voltage increases to a certain value. Since the current value is lower, the efficiency of charging decreases, and finally the current value is close to 0 due to overcharge protection. The charging process will stop.

The third stage is a buffer stage, the charging current value is 0, but the battery is not fully charged. At this point, the voltage begins to gradually decrease. When the voltage value falls to a certain value, the fourth phase, which is the final charging phase, begins.

At the beginning of the final phase, there will be a current flow, so that the charging will continue to start, the voltage value will start to rise again at this time, and the second time will rise to the peak. As the current decreases, the battery finally reaches a full state.

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Where is the mobile phone better? How to buy a mobile phone?

Everyone knows that mobile phones are like “brothers” for young people. Because mobile phones not only open up our horizons, but also make our lives richer. So, where is the mobile phone better to buy? How do you buy a mobile phone? Here are a few of the places to buy a mobile phone and how to buy it!

First, where is the mobile phone better?

1. Online business hall

There is no doubt that the online business hall is a suitable place to buy mobile phones, because many new machines that are just listed will be sold there first. In addition, the price of buying a mobile phone in an online business hall is generally cheaper than that on the official website. If you need to purchase it with a package, it will be more favorable, so friends in need can quickly get started!

2, Jingdong

Jingdong is a place where countless people do not hesitate to buy mobile phones. Because it is one of the best buying sites for word of mouth. Whether it is the quality of the goods inside, or the speed of delivery is convincing. In addition, many of the newly listed mobile phones will be sold to Jingdong in the first time, and the after-sales service is also very good.

3. Suning

As we all know, the quality of things sold on Suning is very good, and it also has many offline companies, nationwide warranty. However, it is understood that the speed of Suning’s new machine is not as fast as that of Jingdong. Therefore, everyone still has to choose the right place to buy mobile phones according to their own needs.

Second, how to buy a mobile phone?

Where is the mobile phone better? I believe everyone knows it! However, many people don’t know how to buy a mobile phone. Please see the following analysis:

1, the brand

When you buy a mobile phone, you must strive for excellence in its brand selection. Nowadays, mobile phone brands with good reputation are: Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Gionee, and so on. Because the quality of these brands of mobile phones is relatively good, so its price will be higher. Therefore, it is best for everyone to choose the right brand of smart machine according to their economic ability!

2, network standard

In our daily lives, we need the Internet all the time. Therefore, when you buy a mobile phone, you must know the speed of its Internet access. Mobile phones with better network speeds are generally 4G or 3G. But if your mobile phone number is Unicom, you must choose a 4G network speed mobile phone.

The conclusion of the article: The above introduces you to the mobile phone where to buy better, and how to buy mobile phone with any skills related knowledge, I hope to give you some help. Novices buy mobile phones, and know the quality, appearance, configuration, etc. in place. Therefore, when you buy a mobile phone, it is best to let your friends help to choose, so as not to make mistakes!

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